Convert South African Rand to Philippine Peso
(ZAR to PHP)

1 ZAR = 3.60783 PHP

ZAR - South African Rand

PHP - Philippine Peso

PHP/ZAR = 3.60783

Exchange Rates :05/24/2019 21:45:58

ZAR South African Rand

Useful information relating to the South African Rand currency ZAR
Country:South Africa
Sub-Unit:1 Rand = 100 cents

The rand was introduced in 1961 and takes its name from the Witwatersrand, the ridge upon which Johannesburg is built and where most of South Africa's gold deposits were found. The Rand circulates freely in Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho.

PHP Philippine Peso

Useful information relating to the Philippine Peso currency PHP
Sub-Unit:1 ₱ = 100 centavos

The Philippine peso derived from the Spanish silver coin Real de a Ocho or Spanish dollar, in wide circulation in the Americas and South-East Asia during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Philippine peso was introduced on May 1, 1852.

Historical Exchange Rates For South African Rand to Philippine Peso

3.583.653.723.793.863.93Jan 26Feb 10Feb 25Mar 12Mar 27Apr 11Apr 26May 11
120-day exchange rate history for ZAR to PHP

Quick Conversions from South African Rand to Philippine Peso : 1 ZAR = 3.60783 PHP

From ZAR to PHP
R 1 ZAR₱ 3.61 PHP
R 5 ZAR₱ 18.04 PHP
R 10 ZAR₱ 36.08 PHP
R 50 ZAR₱ 180.39 PHP
R 100 ZAR₱ 360.78 PHP
R 250 ZAR₱ 901.96 PHP
R 500 ZAR₱ 1,803.91 PHP
R 1,000 ZAR₱ 3,607.83 PHP
R 5,000 ZAR₱ 18,039.14 PHP
R 10,000 ZAR₱ 36,078.29 PHP
R 50,000 ZAR₱ 180,391.43 PHP
R 100,000 ZAR₱ 360,782.85 PHP
R 500,000 ZAR₱ 1,803,914.27 PHP
R 1,000,000 ZAR₱ 3,607,828.55 PHP
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