Convert East Caribbean Dollar to Ukraine Hryvnia
(XCD to UAH)

1 XCD = 9.74925 UAH

XCD - East Caribbean Dollar

UAH - Ukraine Hryvnia

UAH/XCD = 9.74925

Exchange Rates :05/26/2017 21:00:43

XCD East Caribbean Dollar *

Useful information relating to the East Caribbean Dollar currency XCD
Country: East Caribbean
Region: North America
Sub-Unit: 1 EC Dollar = 100 cent
Symbol: EC$
*Pegged: 1 USD = 2.70000 XCD

The East Caribbean dollar is the currency of: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Anguilla and Montserrat. It is pegged to the US dollar at US$1 = EC$2.7.

UAH Ukraine Hryvnia

Useful information relating to the Ukraine Hryvnia currency UAH
Country: Ukraine
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 Hryvnia = 100 kopiyka

The Ukranian hryvnia, sometimes hryvnya or grivna, has been the national currency of Ukraine since 1996. The hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopiyok. The hryvnia sign is a cursive Ukrainian letter Ge (₴) with a double horizontal stroke, symbolizing stability.

Exchange Rate History For Converting East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) to Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH)

120-day exchange rate history for XCD to UAH
120-day exchange rate history for XCD to UAH

Exchange rate for converting East Caribbean Dollar to Ukraine Hryvnia : 1 XCD = 9.74925 UAH

From XCD to UAH
EC$ 1 XCD₴ 9.75 UAH
EC$ 5 XCD₴ 48.75 UAH
EC$ 10 XCD₴ 97.49 UAH
EC$ 50 XCD₴ 487.46 UAH
EC$ 100 XCD₴ 974.93 UAH
EC$ 250 XCD₴ 2,437.31 UAH
EC$ 500 XCD₴ 4,874.63 UAH
EC$ 1,000 XCD₴ 9,749.25 UAH
EC$ 5,000 XCD₴ 48,746.25 UAH
EC$ 10,000 XCD₴ 97,492.51 UAH
EC$ 50,000 XCD₴ 487,462.54 UAH
EC$ 100,000 XCD₴ 974,925.08 UAH
EC$ 500,000 XCD₴ 4,874,625.38 UAH
EC$ 1,000,000 XCD₴ 9,749,250.75 UAH
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