Convert Uruguayan Peso to Malaysian Ringgit
(UYU to MYR)

1 UYU = 0.13005 MYR

UYU - Uruguayan Peso

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

MYR/UYU = 0.13005

Exchange Rates :12/12/2018 15:47:49

UYU Uruguayan Peso

Useful information relating to the Uruguayan Peso currency UYU
Region:South America
Sub-Unit: 1 $U = 100 centésimo

The Uruguayan peso has been the name for the currency of Uruguay since the settlement by Europeans. The present currency was adopted in 1993 and is subdivided into 100 centésimos. Uruguayans have become accustomed to the constant devaluation of their currency and so many high-value items are denominated in U.S. dollars.

MYR Malaysian Ringgit

Useful information relating to the Malaysian Ringgit currency MYR
Sub-Unit:1 Ringgit = 100 sen

The Malaysian ringgit is the currency of Malaysia. It is divided into 100 sen.The word ringgit means "jagged" in Malay and was originally used to refer to the serrated edges of silver Spanish dollars which circulated widely in the area during the Portuguese colonial era.

Historical Exchange Rates For Uruguayan Peso to Malaysian Ringgit

0.12430.12570.12700.12830.12960.1309Aug 14Aug 29Sep 13Sep 28Oct 13Oct 28Nov 12Nov 27
120-day exchange rate history for UYU to MYR

Quick Conversions from Uruguayan Peso to Malaysian Ringgit : 1 UYU = 0.13005 MYR

From UYU to MYR
$U 1 UYURM 0.13 MYR
$U 5 UYURM 0.65 MYR
$U 10 UYURM 1.30 MYR
$U 50 UYURM 6.50 MYR
$U 100 UYURM 13.00 MYR
$U 250 UYURM 32.51 MYR
$U 500 UYURM 65.02 MYR
$U 1,000 UYURM 130.05 MYR
$U 5,000 UYURM 650.25 MYR
$U 10,000 UYURM 1,300.49 MYR
$U 50,000 UYURM 6,502.46 MYR
$U 100,000 UYURM 13,004.91 MYR
$U 500,000 UYURM 65,024.57 MYR
$U 1,000,000 UYURM 130,049.14 MYR
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