Convert Taiwanese Dollar to Russian Rouble
(TWD to RUB)

1 TWD = 1.87723 RUB

TWD - Taiwanese Dollar

RUB - Russian Rouble

RUB/TWD = 1.87723

Exchange Rates :05/26/2017 20:59:59

TWD Taiwanese Dollar

Useful information relating to the Taiwanese Dollar currency TWD
Country: Taiwan
Region: Asia
Sub-Unit: 1 NT$ = 10 角
Symbol: NT$

The Taiwanese Dollar is the official currency of Taiwan and its ISO code is TWD, although it is often abbreviated to NT$. Originally issued by the Bank of Taiwan, it is now issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) since 2000.

RUB Russian Rouble

Useful information relating to the Russian Rouble currency RUB
Country: Russia
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 Rouble = 100 kopek
Symbol: руб

The ruble or rouble is the currency of the Russian Federation and the two self-proclaimed republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Formerly, the ruble was also the currency of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire prior to their breakups. Currently there is no official symbol for the ruble.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Taiwanese Dollar (TWD) to Russian Rouble (RUB)

120-day exchange rate history for TWD to RUB
120-day exchange rate history for TWD to RUB

Exchange rate for converting Taiwanese Dollar to Russian Rouble : 1 TWD = 1.87723 RUB

From TWD to RUB
NT$ 1 TWDруб 1.88 RUB
NT$ 5 TWDруб 9.39 RUB
NT$ 10 TWDруб 18.77 RUB
NT$ 50 TWDруб 93.86 RUB
NT$ 100 TWDруб 187.72 RUB
NT$ 250 TWDруб 469.31 RUB
NT$ 500 TWDруб 938.61 RUB
NT$ 1,000 TWDруб 1,877.23 RUB
NT$ 5,000 TWDруб 9,386.14 RUB
NT$ 10,000 TWDруб 18,772.29 RUB
NT$ 50,000 TWDруб 93,861.43 RUB
NT$ 100,000 TWDруб 187,722.86 RUB
NT$ 500,000 TWDруб 938,614.28 RUB
NT$ 1,000,000 TWDруб 1,877,228.57 RUB
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