Convert Tunisian Dinar to Venezuelan Bolívar
(TND to VES)

1 TND = 102.28834 VES

TND - Tunisian Dinar

VES - Venezuelan Bolívar

VES/TND = 102.28834

Exchange Rates :12/14/2018 15:09:07

TND Tunisian Dinar

Useful information relating to the Tunisian Dinar currency TND
Sub-Unit:1 DT = 1000 milim

The Tunisian dinar is the official currency of Tunisia and is subdivided into 1000 milim or millimes (مليم). The international code is TND although the abbreviation DT is often used in Tunisia as it is derived from the French 'Dinar Tunisien'.

VES Venezuelan Bolívar

Useful information relating to the Venezuelan Bolívar currency VES
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Bs.S = 100 céntimo

The Venezuelan bolívar soberano is the new currency of Venezuela since August 20, 2018. The old bolivar fuerte was redenominated at the rate of 1 VES = 100000 VEF. The name "bolívar soberano" is literally translated as "sovereign bolívar"

Historical Exchange Rates For Tunisian Dinar to Venezuelan Bolívar

21.9437.853.769.685.5101.4Aug 16Aug 31Sep 15Sep 30Oct 15Oct 30Nov 14Nov 29
120-day exchange rate history for TND to VES

Quick Conversions from Tunisian Dinar to Venezuelan Bolívar : 1 TND = 102.28834 VES

From TND to VES
DT 1 TNDBs.S 102.29 VES
DT 5 TNDBs.S 511.44 VES
DT 10 TNDBs.S 1,022.88 VES
DT 50 TNDBs.S 5,114.42 VES
DT 100 TNDBs.S 10,228.83 VES
DT 250 TNDBs.S 25,572.09 VES
DT 500 TNDBs.S 51,144.17 VES
DT 1,000 TNDBs.S 102,288.34 VES
DT 5,000 TNDBs.S 511,441.71 VES
DT 10,000 TNDBs.S 1,022,883.42 VES
DT 50,000 TNDBs.S 5,114,417.10 VES
DT 100,000 TNDBs.S 10,228,834.20 VES
DT 500,000 TNDBs.S 51,144,170.99 VES
DT 1,000,000 TNDBs.S 102,288,341.99 VES
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