Convert Tunisian Dinar to Polish Zloty
(TND to PLN)

1 TND = 1.30048 PLN

TND - Tunisian Dinar

PLN - Polish Zloty

PLN/TND = 1.30048

Exchange Rates :11/16/2018 21:48:35

TND Tunisian Dinar

Useful information relating to the Tunisian Dinar currency TND
Sub-Unit:1 DT = 1000 milim

The Tunisian dinar is the official currency of Tunisia and is subdivided into 1000 milim or millimes (مليم). The international code is TND although the abbreviation DT is often used in Tunisia as it is derived from the French 'Dinar Tunisien'.

PLN Polish Zloty

Useful information relating to the Polish Zloty currency PLN
Sub-Unit:1 Zloty = 100 groszy

The new Polish zloty (meaning 'golden' ) was introduced on January 1, 1995 as a result of the redenomination of the old currency. The Polish government stated that it would like to join the euro but there is currently no schedule for when this transition will take place.

Historical Exchange Rates For Tunisian Dinar to Polish Zloty

1.2951.3161.3371.3571.3781.399Jul 21Aug 05Aug 20Sep 04Sep 19Oct 04Oct 19Nov 03
120-day exchange rate history for TND to PLN

Quick Conversions from Tunisian Dinar to Polish Zloty : 1 TND = 1.30048 PLN

From TND to PLN
DT 1 TNDzl 1.30 PLN
DT 5 TNDzl 6.50 PLN
DT 10 TNDzl 13.00 PLN
DT 50 TNDzl 65.02 PLN
DT 100 TNDzl 130.05 PLN
DT 250 TNDzl 325.12 PLN
DT 500 TNDzl 650.24 PLN
DT 1,000 TNDzl 1,300.48 PLN
DT 5,000 TNDzl 6,502.38 PLN
DT 10,000 TNDzl 13,004.76 PLN
DT 50,000 TNDzl 65,023.82 PLN
DT 100,000 TNDzl 130,047.64 PLN
DT 500,000 TNDzl 650,238.20 PLN
DT 1,000,000 TNDzl 1,300,476.39 PLN
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