Convert Syrian Pound to Hungarian Forint
(SYP to HUF)

1 SYP = 0.55568 HUF

SYP - Syrian Pound

HUF - Hungarian Forint

HUF/SYP = 0.55568

Exchange Rates :12/17/2018 01:32:04

SYP Syrian Pound

Useful information relating to the Syrian Pound currency SYP
Region:Middle East
Sub-Unit:1 SYP = 100 piastre

The Syrian pound is the currency of Syria and is subdivided into 100 qirsh, although coins in qirsh are no longer issued. The Syrian Pound is not a hard currency, and there are restrictions on its export. In 2012 the exchange rate deteriorated quickly. The Black Market is the only source of foreign currencies to Syrian nationals who want to travel abroad.

HUF Hungarian Forint

Useful information relating to the Hungarian Forint currency HUF
Sub-Unit:1 Ft = 100 fillér

The Hungarian forint is divided into 100 fillér, although fillér coins have not been in circulation since 1999. In 2004 Hungary joined the European Union. The forint is expected to disappear in the future, however this will depend on the economic situation closer to the time.

Historical Exchange Rates For Syrian Pound to Hungarian Forint

0.5330.5380.5430.5480.5530.557Aug 19Sep 02Sep 17Oct 02Oct 17Nov 01Nov 16Dec 01
120-day exchange rate history for SYP to HUF

Quick Conversions from Syrian Pound to Hungarian Forint : 1 SYP = 0.55568 HUF

From SYP to HUF
LS 1 SYPFt 0.56 HUF
LS 5 SYPFt 2.78 HUF
LS 10 SYPFt 5.56 HUF
LS 50 SYPFt 27.78 HUF
LS 100 SYPFt 55.57 HUF
LS 250 SYPFt 138.92 HUF
LS 500 SYPFt 277.84 HUF
LS 1,000 SYPFt 555.68 HUF
LS 5,000 SYPFt 2,778.39 HUF
LS 10,000 SYPFt 5,556.78 HUF
LS 50,000 SYPFt 27,783.89 HUF
LS 100,000 SYPFt 55,567.78 HUF
LS 500,000 SYPFt 277,838.92 HUF
LS 1,000,000 SYPFt 555,677.85 HUF
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