Convert Syrian Pound to Czech Koruna
(SYP to CZK)

1 SYP = 0.04369 CZK

SYP - Syrian Pound

CZK - Czech Koruna

CZK/SYP = 0.04369

Exchange Rates :01/18/2019 21:43:57

SYP Syrian Pound

Useful information relating to the Syrian Pound currency SYP
Region:Middle East
Sub-Unit:1 SYP = 100 piastre

The Syrian pound is the currency of Syria and is subdivided into 100 qirsh, although coins in qirsh are no longer issued. The Syrian Pound is not a hard currency, and there are restrictions on its export. In 2012 the exchange rate deteriorated quickly. The Black Market is the only source of foreign currencies to Syrian nationals who want to travel abroad.

CZK Czech Koruna

Useful information relating to the Czech Koruna currency CZK
Country:Czech Republic
Sub-Unit:1 Koruna = 100 haler

The koruna (meaning 'crown') has been fully convertible since 1995 and began to float in 1997. The Czech Republic did intend to adopt the euro in 2012 but this has now been delayed to a later date.

Historical Exchange Rates For Syrian Pound to Czech Koruna

0.04230.04280.04330.04380.04430.0448Sep 21Oct 06Oct 21Nov 05Nov 20Dec 05Dec 20Jan 04
120-day exchange rate history for SYP to CZK

Quick Conversions from Syrian Pound to Czech Koruna : 1 SYP = 0.04369 CZK

From SYP to CZK
LS 1 SYPKc 0.04 CZK
LS 5 SYPKc 0.22 CZK
LS 10 SYPKc 0.44 CZK
LS 50 SYPKc 2.18 CZK
LS 100 SYPKc 4.37 CZK
LS 250 SYPKc 10.92 CZK
LS 500 SYPKc 21.85 CZK
LS 1,000 SYPKc 43.69 CZK
LS 5,000 SYPKc 218.45 CZK
LS 10,000 SYPKc 436.90 CZK
LS 50,000 SYPKc 2,184.52 CZK
LS 100,000 SYPKc 4,369.04 CZK
LS 500,000 SYPKc 21,845.21 CZK
LS 1,000,000 SYPKc 43,690.43 CZK
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