Convert Singapore Dollar to New Zealand Dollar
(SGD to NZD)

1 SGD = 1.06222 NZD

SGD - Singapore Dollar

NZD - New Zealand Dollar

NZD/SGD = 1.06222

Exchange Rates :12/13/2018 18:58:18

SGD Singapore Dollar

Useful information relating to the Singapore Dollar currency SGD
Sub-Unit:1 Dollar = 100 cents

Two years after Singapore's independence from Malaysia in 1965, the monetary union between Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei broke down. Singapore issued its first independent coins and notes in 1967. Interchangeability with the Brunei dollar is still maintained.

NZD New Zealand Dollar

Useful information relating to the New Zealand Dollar currency NZD
Country:New Zealand
Sub-Unit:1 Dollar = 100 cents

The New Zealand dollar also circulates in the Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, and the Pitcairn Islands. It is often informally known as the "Kiwi (dollar)" and is divided into 100 cents.

Historical Exchange Rates For Singapore Dollar to New Zealand Dollar

1.0561.0691.0831.0961.1091.123Aug 15Aug 30Sep 14Sep 29Oct 14Oct 29Nov 13Nov 28
120-day exchange rate history for SGD to NZD

Quick Conversions from Singapore Dollar to New Zealand Dollar : 1 SGD = 1.06222 NZD

From SGD to NZD
S$ 1 SGDNZ$ 1.06 NZD
S$ 5 SGDNZ$ 5.31 NZD
S$ 10 SGDNZ$ 10.62 NZD
S$ 50 SGDNZ$ 53.11 NZD
S$ 100 SGDNZ$ 106.22 NZD
S$ 250 SGDNZ$ 265.55 NZD
S$ 500 SGDNZ$ 531.11 NZD
S$ 1,000 SGDNZ$ 1,062.22 NZD
S$ 5,000 SGDNZ$ 5,311.08 NZD
S$ 10,000 SGDNZ$ 10,622.15 NZD
S$ 50,000 SGDNZ$ 53,110.76 NZD
S$ 100,000 SGDNZ$ 106,221.52 NZD
S$ 500,000 SGDNZ$ 531,107.62 NZD
S$ 1,000,000 SGDNZ$ 1,062,215.23 NZD
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