Convert Singapore Dollar to Chilean Peso
(SGD to CLP)

1 SGD = 504.70700 CLP

SGD - Singapore Dollar

CLP - Chilean Peso

CLP/SGD = 504.70700

Exchange Rates :05/24/2019 20:59:59

SGD Singapore Dollar

Useful information relating to the Singapore Dollar currency SGD
Sub-Unit:1 Dollar = 100 cents

Two years after Singapore's independence from Malaysia in 1965, the monetary union between Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei broke down. Singapore issued its first independent coins and notes in 1967. Interchangeability with the Brunei dollar is still maintained.

CLP Chilean Peso

Useful information relating to the Chilean Peso currency CLP
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Peso = 100 centavo

The Chilean peso is subdivided into 100 centavos, although no centavo denominated coins remain in circulation. Colloquial names for some banknotes and coins include luka or luca for the 1000-peso banknote, quina for the 500-peso coin, and gamba for the 100-peso coin.

Historical Exchange Rates For Singapore Dollar to Chilean Peso

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120-day exchange rate history for SGD to CLP

Quick Conversions from Singapore Dollar to Chilean Peso : 1 SGD = 504.70700 CLP

From SGD to CLP
S$ 1 SGD$ 504.71 CLP
S$ 5 SGD$ 2,523.53 CLP
S$ 10 SGD$ 5,047.07 CLP
S$ 50 SGD$ 25,235.35 CLP
S$ 100 SGD$ 50,470.70 CLP
S$ 250 SGD$ 126,176.75 CLP
S$ 500 SGD$ 252,353.50 CLP
S$ 1,000 SGD$ 504,707.00 CLP
S$ 5,000 SGD$ 2,523,534.99 CLP
S$ 10,000 SGD$ 5,047,069.98 CLP
S$ 50,000 SGD$ 25,235,349.88 CLP
S$ 100,000 SGD$ 50,470,699.75 CLP
S$ 500,000 SGD$ 252,353,498.76 CLP
S$ 1,000,000 SGD$ 504,706,997.52 CLP
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