Convert Seychellois Rupee to Mexican Peso
(SCR to MXN)

1 SCR = 1.35556 MXN

SCR - Seychellois Rupee

MXN - Mexican Peso

MXN/SCR = 1.35556

Exchange Rates :05/26/2017 20:59:59

SCR Seychellois Rupee

Useful information relating to the Seychellois Rupee currency SCR
Country: Seychelles
Region: Africa
Sub-Unit: 1 SR = 100 cents
Symbol: SR

The Seychellois rupee is the currency of the Seychelles and is subdivided into 100 cents. In the local Seychellois Creole (Seselwa) language, it is called the roupi. The international currency code is SCR although the abbreviations SR and SRe are sometimes used. The currency was freely floated in 2008.

MXN Mexican Peso

Useful information relating to the Mexican Peso currency MXN
Country: Mexico
Region: North America
Sub-Unit: 1 Peso = 100 centavo
Symbol: $ or MEX$

The peso was initially the name of the eight-real coins issued in Mexico by Spain. The Mexican peso is now among the 15 most traded currency units in the world, and is the most traded currency in Latin America.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Seychellois Rupee (SCR) to Mexican Peso (MXN)

120-day exchange rate history for SCR to MXN
120-day exchange rate history for SCR to MXN

Exchange rate for converting Seychellois Rupee to Mexican Peso : 1 SCR = 1.35556 MXN

From SCR to MXN
SR 1 SCR$ or MEX$ 1.36 MXN
SR 5 SCR$ or MEX$ 6.78 MXN
SR 10 SCR$ or MEX$ 13.56 MXN
SR 50 SCR$ or MEX$ 67.78 MXN
SR 100 SCR$ or MEX$ 135.56 MXN
SR 250 SCR$ or MEX$ 338.89 MXN
SR 500 SCR$ or MEX$ 677.78 MXN
SR 1,000 SCR$ or MEX$ 1,355.56 MXN
SR 5,000 SCR$ or MEX$ 6,777.81 MXN
SR 10,000 SCR$ or MEX$ 13,555.61 MXN
SR 50,000 SCR$ or MEX$ 67,778.05 MXN
SR 100,000 SCR$ or MEX$ 135,556.11 MXN
SR 500,000 SCR$ or MEX$ 677,780.54 MXN
SR 1,000,000 SCR$ or MEX$ 1,355,561.08 MXN
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