Convert Seychellois Rupee to Bulgarian Lev
(SCR to BGN)

1 SCR = 0.12836 BGN

SCR - Seychellois Rupee

BGN - Bulgarian Lev

BGN/SCR = 0.12836

Exchange Rates :04/24/2019 19:47:17

SCR Seychellois Rupee

Useful information relating to the Seychellois Rupee currency SCR
Sub-Unit:1 SR = 100 cents

The Seychellois rupee is the currency of the Seychelles and is subdivided into 100 cents. In the local Seychellois Creole (Seselwa) language, it is called the roupi. The international currency code is SCR although the abbreviations SR and SRe are sometimes used. The currency was freely floated in 2008.

BGN Bulgarian Lev *

Useful information relating to the Bulgarian Lev currency BGN
Sub-Unit:1 лв = 100 stotinka
*Pegged: 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN

The Lev (лев) is the currency of Bulgaria. It is divided in 100 stotinki (стотинки). In archaic Bulgarian the word lev meant lion. It is pegged to the Euro at a rate of 1 EUR = 1.95583 lev and it is speculated that Bulgaria, as a member of the European Union could adopt the Euro in the future.

Historical Exchange Rates For Seychellois Rupee to Bulgarian Lev

0.12410.12490.12560.12630.12710.1278Dec 25Jan 09Jan 24Feb 08Feb 23Mar 10Mar 25Apr 09
120-day exchange rate history for SCR to BGN

Quick Conversions from Seychellois Rupee to Bulgarian Lev : 1 SCR = 0.12836 BGN

From SCR to BGN
SR 1 SCRлв 0.13 BGN
SR 5 SCRлв 0.64 BGN
SR 10 SCRлв 1.28 BGN
SR 50 SCRлв 6.42 BGN
SR 100 SCRлв 12.84 BGN
SR 250 SCRлв 32.09 BGN
SR 500 SCRлв 64.18 BGN
SR 1,000 SCRлв 128.36 BGN
SR 5,000 SCRлв 641.80 BGN
SR 10,000 SCRлв 1,283.60 BGN
SR 50,000 SCRлв 6,417.98 BGN
SR 100,000 SCRлв 12,835.96 BGN
SR 500,000 SCRлв 64,179.82 BGN
SR 1,000,000 SCRлв 128,359.64 BGN
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