Convert Serbian Dinar to Mauritian Rupee
(RSD to MUR)

1 RSD = 0.31822 MUR

RSD - Serbian Dinar

MUR - Mauritian Rupee

MUR/RSD = 0.31822

Exchange Rates :05/23/2017 06:27:28

RSD Serbian Dinar

Useful information relating to the Serbian Dinar currency RSD
Country: Serbia
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 РСД = 100 para
Symbol: РСД

The dinar is the currency of Serbia. An earlier dinar was used in Serbia between 1868 and 1918. The earliest use of the dinar dates back to 1214. The code for the dinar is RSD while the abbreviation din or дин is still in informal use locally.

MUR Mauritian Rupee

Useful information relating to the Mauritian Rupee currency MUR
Country: Mauritius
Region: Africa
Sub-Unit: 1 Rs = 100 cent
Symbol: Rs

The Mauritian rupee is the currency of Mauritius. It is theoretically divided into 100 cents. The rupee was established by law in 1876 as the local currency of Mauritius. The rupee was chosen due to the massive inflow of Indian rupees following Indian immigration to Mauritius.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Serbian Dinar (RSD) to Mauritian Rupee (MUR)

120-day exchange rate history for RSD to MUR
120-day exchange rate history for RSD to MUR

Exchange rate for converting Serbian Dinar to Mauritian Rupee : 1 RSD = 0.31822 MUR

From RSD to MUR
РСД 1 RSDRs 0.32 MUR
РСД 5 RSDRs 1.59 MUR
РСД 10 RSDRs 3.18 MUR
РСД 50 RSDRs 15.91 MUR
РСД 100 RSDRs 31.82 MUR
РСД 250 RSDRs 79.56 MUR
РСД 500 RSDRs 159.11 MUR
РСД 1,000 RSDRs 318.22 MUR
РСД 5,000 RSDRs 1,591.11 MUR
РСД 10,000 RSDRs 3,182.21 MUR
РСД 50,000 RSDRs 15,911.05 MUR
РСД 100,000 RSDRs 31,822.10 MUR
РСД 500,000 RSDRs 159,110.50 MUR
РСД 1,000,000 RSDRs 318,221.01 MUR
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