Convert Romanian Leu to Macedonian Denar
(RON to MKD)

1 RON = 12.93288 MKD

RON - Romanian Leu

MKD - Macedonian Denar

MKD/RON = 12.93288

Exchange Rates :04/19/2019 20:59:57

RON Romanian Leu

Useful information relating to the Romanian Leu currency RON
Sub-Unit:1 LEU = 100 bani

In 2005, Romania underwent a currency reform, switching from the previous leu (ROL) to a new leu (RON). 1 RON is equal to 10,000 ROL. Romania joined the European Union on 1 January 2007 and it is expected to adopt the euro in the future.

MKD Macedonian Denar

Useful information relating to the Macedonian Denar currency MKD
Sub-Unit:1 ден = 100 deni

The denar is the currency of the Republic of Macedonia. It is subdivided into 100 deni. The name denar comes from the name of the ancient Roman monetary unit, the denarius. The currency symbol is ден, the first three letters of its name. The Macedonian denar was introduced in 1992.

Historical Exchange Rates For Romanian Leu to Macedonian Denar

12.8312.9313.0313.1213.2213.32Dec 21Jan 04Jan 19Feb 03Feb 18Mar 05Mar 20Apr 04
120-day exchange rate history for RON to MKD

Quick Conversions from Romanian Leu to Macedonian Denar : 1 RON = 12.93288 MKD

From RON to MKD
LEU 1 RONден 12.93 MKD
LEU 5 RONден 64.66 MKD
LEU 10 RONден 129.33 MKD
LEU 50 RONден 646.64 MKD
LEU 100 RONден 1,293.29 MKD
LEU 250 RONден 3,233.22 MKD
LEU 500 RONден 6,466.44 MKD
LEU 1,000 RONден 12,932.88 MKD
LEU 5,000 RONден 64,664.39 MKD
LEU 10,000 RONден 129,328.77 MKD
LEU 50,000 RONден 646,643.87 MKD
LEU 100,000 RONден 1,293,287.73 MKD
LEU 500,000 RONден 6,466,438.67 MKD
LEU 1,000,000 RONден 12,932,877.34 MKD
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