Convert Romanian Leu to Iranian Rial
(RON to IRR)

1 RON = 10244.96752 IRR

RON - Romanian Leu

IRR - Iranian Rial

IRR/RON = 10244.96752

Exchange Rates :11/21/2018 05:17:20

RON Romanian Leu

Useful information relating to the Romanian Leu currency RON
Sub-Unit:1 LEU = 100 bani

In 2005, Romania underwent a currency reform, switching from the previous leu (ROL) to a new leu (RON). 1 RON is equal to 10,000 ROL. Romania joined the European Union on 1 January 2007 and it is expected to adopt the euro in the future.

IRR Iranian Rial

Useful information relating to the Iranian Rial currency IRR
Region:Middle East
Sub-Unit:1 IRR = 100 dinar

The rial is the currency of Iran although Iranians commonly express the prices of goods in tomans. In 2012, the government launched a foreign exchange centre, that would provide importers of some basic goods with foreign exchanges, at a rate about 2% cheaper than the open market rate on a given day. As of 2013, it remains the world's least valued currency unit.

Historical Exchange Rates For Romanian Leu to Iranian Rial

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120-day exchange rate history for RON to IRR

Quick Conversions from Romanian Leu to Iranian Rial : 1 RON = 10244.96752 IRR

From RON to IRR
LEU 1 RON﷼ 10,244.97 IRR
LEU 5 RON﷼ 51,224.84 IRR
LEU 10 RON﷼ 102,449.68 IRR
LEU 50 RON﷼ 512,248.38 IRR
LEU 100 RON﷼ 1,024,496.75 IRR
LEU 250 RON﷼ 2,561,241.88 IRR
LEU 500 RON﷼ 5,122,483.76 IRR
LEU 1,000 RON﷼ 10,244,967.52 IRR
LEU 5,000 RON﷼ 51,224,837.61 IRR
LEU 10,000 RON﷼ 102,449,675.22 IRR
LEU 50,000 RON﷼ 512,248,376.10 IRR
LEU 100,000 RON﷼ 1,024,496,752.20 IRR
LEU 500,000 RON﷼ 5,122,483,761.01 IRR
LEU 1,000,000 RON﷼ 10,244,967,522.03 IRR
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