Convert Polish Zloty to Ukraine Hryvnia
(PLN to UAH)

1 PLN = 6.83776 UAH

PLN - Polish Zloty

UAH - Ukraine Hryvnia

UAH/PLN = 6.83776

Exchange Rates :05/24/2019 13:01:56

PLN Polish Zloty

Useful information relating to the Polish Zloty currency PLN
Sub-Unit:1 Zloty = 100 groszy

The new Polish zloty (meaning 'golden' ) was introduced on January 1, 1995 as a result of the redenomination of the old currency. The Polish government stated that it would like to join the euro but there is currently no schedule for when this transition will take place.

UAH Ukraine Hryvnia

Useful information relating to the Ukraine Hryvnia currency UAH
Sub-Unit:1 Hryvnia = 100 kopiyka

The Ukranian hryvnia, sometimes hryvnya or grivna, has been the national currency of Ukraine since 1996. The hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopiyok. The hryvnia sign is a cursive Ukrainian letter Ge (₴) with a double horizontal stroke, symbolizing stability.

Historical Exchange Rates For Polish Zloty to Ukraine Hryvnia

6.816.947.077.197.327.45Jan 24Feb 08Feb 23Mar 10Mar 25Apr 09Apr 24May 09
120-day exchange rate history for PLN to UAH

Quick Conversions from Polish Zloty to Ukraine Hryvnia : 1 PLN = 6.83776 UAH

From PLN to UAH
zl 1 PLN₴ 6.84 UAH
zl 5 PLN₴ 34.19 UAH
zl 10 PLN₴ 68.38 UAH
zl 50 PLN₴ 341.89 UAH
zl 100 PLN₴ 683.78 UAH
zl 250 PLN₴ 1,709.44 UAH
zl 500 PLN₴ 3,418.88 UAH
zl 1,000 PLN₴ 6,837.76 UAH
zl 5,000 PLN₴ 34,188.81 UAH
zl 10,000 PLN₴ 68,377.63 UAH
zl 50,000 PLN₴ 341,888.15 UAH
zl 100,000 PLN₴ 683,776.30 UAH
zl 500,000 PLN₴ 3,418,881.49 UAH
zl 1,000,000 PLN₴ 6,837,762.99 UAH
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