Convert Peruvian Sol to Bahamian Dollar
(PEN to BSD)

1 PEN = 0.30472 BSD

PEN - Peruvian Sol

BSD - Bahamian Dollar

BSD/PEN = 0.30472

Exchange Rates :05/24/2017 09:32:19

PEN Peruvian Sol

Useful information relating to the Peruvian Sol currency PEN
Country: Peru
Region: South America
Sub-Unit: 1 S/. = 100 céntimo
Symbol: S/.

The sol is the official currency of Peru and is subdivided into 100 cents, called céntimos in Spanish. The currency code is PEN. The name is a return to that of Peru's historic currency, the sol in use from the 19th century to 1985. Although the derivation of sol is the Latin solidus, the word also happens to mean sun in Spanish.

BSD Bahamian Dollar *

Useful information relating to the Bahamian Dollar currency BSD
Country: Bahamas
Region: North America
Sub-Unit: 1 B$ = 100 cent
Symbol: B$
*Pegged: 1 USD = 1.00000 BSD

The dollar has been the currency of The Bahamas since 1966. It is divided into 100 cents. The Bahamian dollar is pegged to the U.S. dollar on a one-to-one basis which means that any business will accept either U.S. or Bahamian currency and many of the businesses that serve tourists have extra U.S. dollars on hand for the convenience of American tourists.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Peruvian Sol (PEN) to Bahamian Dollar (BSD)

120-day exchange rate history for PEN to BSD
120-day exchange rate history for PEN to BSD

Exchange rate for converting Peruvian Sol to Bahamian Dollar : 1 PEN = 0.30472 BSD

From PEN to BSD
S/. 1 PENB$ 0.30 BSD
S/. 5 PENB$ 1.52 BSD
S/. 10 PENB$ 3.05 BSD
S/. 50 PENB$ 15.24 BSD
S/. 100 PENB$ 30.47 BSD
S/. 250 PENB$ 76.18 BSD
S/. 500 PENB$ 152.36 BSD
S/. 1,000 PENB$ 304.72 BSD
S/. 5,000 PENB$ 1,523.60 BSD
S/. 10,000 PENB$ 3,047.20 BSD
S/. 50,000 PENB$ 15,235.98 BSD
S/. 100,000 PENB$ 30,471.96 BSD
S/. 500,000 PENB$ 152,359.79 BSD
S/. 1,000,000 PENB$ 304,719.57 BSD
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