Convert New Zealand Dollar to Icelandic Krona
(NZD to ISK)

1 NZD = 70.81546 ISK

NZD - New Zealand Dollar

ISK - Icelandic Krona

ISK/NZD = 70.81546

Exchange Rates :05/26/2017 18:46:20

NZD New Zealand Dollar

Useful information relating to the New Zealand Dollar currency NZD
Country: New Zealand
Region: Oceania
Sub-Unit: 1 Dollar = 100 cents
Symbol: NZ$

The New Zealand dollar also circulates in the Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, and the Pitcairn Islands. It is often informally known as the "Kiwi (dollar)" and is divided into 100 cents.

ISK Icelandic Krona

Useful information relating to the Icelandic Krona currency ISK
Country: Iceland
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 krona = 100 aurar
Symbol: kr

The Icelandic krona (meaning 'crown') separated from the Danish krone after the dissolution of the Scandinavian Monetary Union at the start of World War I and Icelandic autonomy from Denmark in 1918. The first coins were issued in 1922.

Exchange Rate History For Converting New Zealand Dollar (NZD) to Icelandic Krona (ISK)

120-day exchange rate history for NZD to ISK
120-day exchange rate history for NZD to ISK

Exchange rate for converting New Zealand Dollar to Icelandic Krona : 1 NZD = 70.81546 ISK

From NZD to ISK
NZ$ 1 NZDkr 70.82 ISK
NZ$ 5 NZDkr 354.08 ISK
NZ$ 10 NZDkr 708.15 ISK
NZ$ 50 NZDkr 3,540.77 ISK
NZ$ 100 NZDkr 7,081.55 ISK
NZ$ 250 NZDkr 17,703.87 ISK
NZ$ 500 NZDkr 35,407.73 ISK
NZ$ 1,000 NZDkr 70,815.46 ISK
NZ$ 5,000 NZDkr 354,077.32 ISK
NZ$ 10,000 NZDkr 708,154.64 ISK
NZ$ 50,000 NZDkr 3,540,773.22 ISK
NZ$ 100,000 NZDkr 7,081,546.45 ISK
NZ$ 500,000 NZDkr 35,407,732.24 ISK
NZ$ 1,000,000 NZDkr 70,815,464.48 ISK
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