Convert Nepalese Rupee to Indonesian Rupiah
(NPR to IDR)

1 NPR = 123.57352 IDR

NPR - Nepalese Rupee

IDR - Indonesian Rupiah

IDR/NPR = 123.57352

Exchange Rates :02/21/2019 07:31:24

NPR Nepalese Rupee *

Useful information relating to the Nepalese Rupee currency NPR
Sub-Unit:1 Rs = 100 paisa
*Pegged: 1 INR = 1.60000 NPR

The rupee was introduced in 1932, replacing the silver mohar. Initially, the rupee was called the mohru in Nepalese. Its value was pegged to the Indian rupee in 1993 at a rate of 1.6 Nepalese rupees = 1 Indian rupee.

IDR Indonesian Rupiah

Useful information relating to the Indonesian Rupiah currency IDR
Sub-Unit:1 Rp = 100 sen

The rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia and is subdivided into 100 sen. The name derives from the Indian monetary unit rupee which is called as rupiya in Indian languages. Informally, Indonesians also use the word "perak" in referring to rupiah. Inflation has now rendered all coins and banknotes denominated in sen obsolete.

Historical Exchange Rates For Nepalese Rupee to Indonesian Rupiah

121.5123.3125.0126.7128.5130.2Oct 24Nov 08Nov 23Dec 08Dec 23Jan 07Jan 22Feb 06
120-day exchange rate history for NPR to IDR

Quick Conversions from Nepalese Rupee to Indonesian Rupiah : 1 NPR = 123.57352 IDR

From NPR to IDR
Rs 1 NPRRp 123.57 IDR
Rs 5 NPRRp 617.87 IDR
Rs 10 NPRRp 1,235.74 IDR
Rs 50 NPRRp 6,178.68 IDR
Rs 100 NPRRp 12,357.35 IDR
Rs 250 NPRRp 30,893.38 IDR
Rs 500 NPRRp 61,786.76 IDR
Rs 1,000 NPRRp 123,573.52 IDR
Rs 5,000 NPRRp 617,867.59 IDR
Rs 10,000 NPRRp 1,235,735.19 IDR
Rs 50,000 NPRRp 6,178,675.94 IDR
Rs 100,000 NPRRp 12,357,351.89 IDR
Rs 500,000 NPRRp 61,786,759.44 IDR
Rs 1,000,000 NPRRp 123,573,518.88 IDR
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