Convert Norwegian Krone to Serbian Dinar
(NOK to RSD)

1 NOK = 12.32111 RSD

NOK - Norwegian Krone

RSD - Serbian Dinar

RSD/NOK = 12.32111

Exchange Rates :11/14/2018 13:21:14

NOK Norwegian Krone

Useful information relating to the Norwegian Krone currency NOK
Sub-Unit:1 Krone = 100 ore

The krone was introduced in 1875, when Norway joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union. The coins and banknotes are distributed by the Central Bank of Norway.

RSD Serbian Dinar

Useful information relating to the Serbian Dinar currency RSD
Sub-Unit:1 РСД = 100 para

The dinar is the currency of Serbia. An earlier dinar was used in Serbia between 1868 and 1918. The earliest use of the dinar dates back to 1214. The code for the dinar is RSD while the abbreviation din or дин is still in informal use locally.

Historical Exchange Rates For Norwegian Krone to Serbian Dinar

12.0912.1812.2712.3612.4512.54Jul 17Aug 01Aug 16Aug 31Sep 15Sep 30Oct 15Oct 30
120-day exchange rate history for NOK to RSD

Quick Conversions from Norwegian Krone to Serbian Dinar : 1 NOK = 12.32111 RSD

From NOK to RSD
kr 1 NOKРСД 12.32 RSD
kr 5 NOKРСД 61.61 RSD
kr 10 NOKРСД 123.21 RSD
kr 50 NOKРСД 616.06 RSD
kr 100 NOKРСД 1,232.11 RSD
kr 250 NOKРСД 3,080.28 RSD
kr 500 NOKРСД 6,160.55 RSD
kr 1,000 NOKРСД 12,321.11 RSD
kr 5,000 NOKРСД 61,605.54 RSD
kr 10,000 NOKРСД 123,211.07 RSD
kr 50,000 NOKРСД 616,055.35 RSD
kr 100,000 NOKРСД 1,232,110.70 RSD
kr 500,000 NOKРСД 6,160,553.50 RSD
kr 1,000,000 NOKРСД 12,321,107.00 RSD
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