Convert Namibian Dollar to Chinese Yuan
(NAD to CNY)

1 NAD = 0.48141 CNY

NAD - Namibian Dollar

CNY - Chinese Yuan

CNY/NAD = 0.48141

Exchange Rates :12/19/2018 05:09:01

NAD Namibian Dollar *

Useful information relating to the Namibian Dollar currency NAD
Sub-Unit:1 N$ = 100 cents
*Pegged: 1 ZAR = 1.00000 NAD

The Namibian dollar replaced the South African rand, which had been the country's currency while it was under South African rule as South-West Africa 1920-1990. The rand is still legal tender, as the Namibian dollar is linked to the South African rand and can be exchanged on a one-to-one basis locally.

CNY Chinese Yuan

Useful information relating to the Chinese Yuan currency CNY
Sub-Unit:1 Yuan = 10 jiao or 100 fen

A variety of currencies circulated in China during the Republic of China era, most of which were denominated in the unit 'yuan'. In 1948 the People's Bank of China issued a unified currency known as the Renminbi or 'people's currency'. Yuan in Chinese literally means a 'round object' or 'round coin'.

Historical Exchange Rates For Namibian Dollar to Chinese Yuan

0.4430.4560.4690.4820.4950.508Aug 20Sep 04Sep 19Oct 04Oct 19Nov 03Nov 18Dec 03
120-day exchange rate history for NAD to CNY

Quick Conversions from Namibian Dollar to Chinese Yuan : 1 NAD = 0.48141 CNY

From NAD to CNY
N$ 1 NAD¥ 0.48 CNY
N$ 5 NAD¥ 2.41 CNY
N$ 10 NAD¥ 4.81 CNY
N$ 50 NAD¥ 24.07 CNY
N$ 100 NAD¥ 48.14 CNY
N$ 250 NAD¥ 120.35 CNY
N$ 500 NAD¥ 240.70 CNY
N$ 1,000 NAD¥ 481.41 CNY
N$ 5,000 NAD¥ 2,407.03 CNY
N$ 10,000 NAD¥ 4,814.06 CNY
N$ 50,000 NAD¥ 24,070.29 CNY
N$ 100,000 NAD¥ 48,140.58 CNY
N$ 500,000 NAD¥ 240,702.88 CNY
N$ 1,000,000 NAD¥ 481,405.76 CNY
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