Convert Mauritian Rupee to Israeli Sheqel
(MUR to ILS)

1 MUR = 0.10818 ILS

MUR - Mauritian Rupee

ILS - Israeli Sheqel

ILS/MUR = 0.10818

Exchange Rates :11/21/2018 06:03:24

MUR Mauritian Rupee

Useful information relating to the Mauritian Rupee currency MUR
Sub-Unit:1 Rs = 100 cent

The Mauritian rupee is the currency of Mauritius. It is theoretically divided into 100 cents. The rupee was established by law in 1876 as the local currency of Mauritius. The rupee was chosen due to the massive inflow of Indian rupees following Indian immigration to Mauritius.

ILS Israeli Sheqel

Useful information relating to the Israeli Sheqel currency ILS
Region:Middle East
Sub-Unit:1 Sheqel = 100 agora

The sheqel has been a freely convertible currency since January 1, 2003. The currency is not produced in Israel, as the country has no mint. Instead banknotes are imported by air and coins by sea.

Historical Exchange Rates For Mauritian Rupee to Israeli Sheqel

0.10350.10440.10530.10630.10720.1081Jul 24Aug 08Aug 23Sep 07Sep 22Oct 07Oct 22Nov 06
120-day exchange rate history for MUR to ILS

Quick Conversions from Mauritian Rupee to Israeli Sheqel : 1 MUR = 0.10818 ILS

From MUR to ILS
Rs 1 MUR₪ 0.11 ILS
Rs 5 MUR₪ 0.54 ILS
Rs 10 MUR₪ 1.08 ILS
Rs 50 MUR₪ 5.41 ILS
Rs 100 MUR₪ 10.82 ILS
Rs 250 MUR₪ 27.05 ILS
Rs 500 MUR₪ 54.09 ILS
Rs 1,000 MUR₪ 108.18 ILS
Rs 5,000 MUR₪ 540.92 ILS
Rs 10,000 MUR₪ 1,081.85 ILS
Rs 50,000 MUR₪ 5,409.24 ILS
Rs 100,000 MUR₪ 10,818.49 ILS
Rs 500,000 MUR₪ 54,092.44 ILS
Rs 1,000,000 MUR₪ 108,184.88 ILS
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