Convert Macedonian Denar to Uruguayan Peso
(MKD to UYU)

1 MKD = 0.61652 UYU

MKD - Macedonian Denar

UYU - Uruguayan Peso

UYU/MKD = 0.61652

Exchange Rates :03/22/2019 20:59:59

MKD Macedonian Denar

Useful information relating to the Macedonian Denar currency MKD
Sub-Unit:1 ден = 100 deni

The denar is the currency of the Republic of Macedonia. It is subdivided into 100 deni. The name denar comes from the name of the ancient Roman monetary unit, the denarius. The currency symbol is ден, the first three letters of its name. The Macedonian denar was introduced in 1992.

UYU Uruguayan Peso

Useful information relating to the Uruguayan Peso currency UYU
Region:South America
Sub-Unit: 1 $U = 100 centésimo

The Uruguayan peso has been the name for the currency of Uruguay since the settlement by Europeans. The present currency was adopted in 1993 and is subdivided into 100 centésimos. Uruguayans have become accustomed to the constant devaluation of their currency and so many high-value items are denominated in U.S. dollars.

Historical Exchange Rates For Macedonian Denar to Uruguayan Peso

0.5890.5950.6020.6080.6140.620Nov 24Dec 08Dec 23Jan 07Jan 22Feb 06Feb 21Mar 08
120-day exchange rate history for MKD to UYU

Quick Conversions from Macedonian Denar to Uruguayan Peso : 1 MKD = 0.61652 UYU

From MKD to UYU
ден 1 MKD$U 0.62 UYU
ден 5 MKD$U 3.08 UYU
ден 10 MKD$U 6.17 UYU
ден 50 MKD$U 30.83 UYU
ден 100 MKD$U 61.65 UYU
ден 250 MKD$U 154.13 UYU
ден 500 MKD$U 308.26 UYU
ден 1,000 MKD$U 616.52 UYU
ден 5,000 MKD$U 3,082.59 UYU
ден 10,000 MKD$U 6,165.18 UYU
ден 50,000 MKD$U 30,825.91 UYU
ден 100,000 MKD$U 61,651.82 UYU
ден 500,000 MKD$U 308,259.10 UYU
ден 1,000,000 MKD$U 616,518.21 UYU
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