Convert Macedonian Denar to Sri Lankan Rupee
(MKD to LKR)

1 MKD = 3.27241 LKR

MKD - Macedonian Denar

LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee

LKR/MKD = 3.27241

Exchange Rates :11/16/2018 21:48:19

MKD Macedonian Denar

Useful information relating to the Macedonian Denar currency MKD
Country:North Macedonia
Sub-Unit:1 ден = 100 deni

The denar is the currency of the Republic of North Macedonia. It is subdivided into 100 deni. The name denar comes from the name of the ancient Roman monetary unit, the denarius. The currency symbol is ден, the first three letters of its name. The Macedonian denar was introduced in 1992.

LKR Sri Lankan Rupee

Useful information relating to the Sri Lankan Rupee currency LKR
Country:Sri Lanka
Sub-Unit:1 LKR = 100 cents

The rupee (Sinhala: රුපියල , Tamil: ரூபாய்) is the currency of Sri Lanka, divided into 100 cents. It is issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and is generally written Rs. although SLRs. may occasionally be used for disambiguation.

Historical Exchange Rates For Macedonian Denar to Sri Lankan Rupee

2.9513.0153.0793.1443.213.27Jul 21Aug 05Aug 20Sep 04Sep 19Oct 04Oct 19Nov 03
120-day exchange rate history for MKD to LKR

Quick Conversions from Macedonian Denar to Sri Lankan Rupee : 1 MKD = 3.27241 LKR

From MKD to LKR
ден 1 MKDRs 3.27 LKR
ден 5 MKDRs 16.36 LKR
ден 10 MKDRs 32.72 LKR
ден 50 MKDRs 163.62 LKR
ден 100 MKDRs 327.24 LKR
ден 250 MKDRs 818.10 LKR
ден 500 MKDRs 1,636.20 LKR
ден 1,000 MKDRs 3,272.41 LKR
ден 5,000 MKDRs 16,362.03 LKR
ден 10,000 MKDRs 32,724.06 LKR
ден 50,000 MKDRs 163,620.32 LKR
ден 100,000 MKDRs 327,240.64 LKR
ден 500,000 MKDRs 1,636,203.21 LKR
ден 1,000,000 MKDRs 3,272,406.42 LKR
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