Convert Malagasy Ariary to Iranian Rial
(MGA to IRR)

1 MGA = 11.92172 IRR

MGA - Malagasy Ariary

IRR - Iranian Rial

IRR/MGA = 11.92172

Exchange Rates :03/18/2019 13:39:29

MGA Malagasy Ariary

Useful information relating to the Malagasy Ariary currency MGA
Sub-Unit:1 MGA = 5 iraimbilanja

The ariary has been the official currency of Madagascar since 2005 when it replaced the Franc. It is subdivided into 5 iraimbilanja and is one of only two non-decimal currencies currently circulating. The name ariary derives from the pre-colonial currency, with ariary being the name for a silver dollar.

IRR Iranian Rial

Useful information relating to the Iranian Rial currency IRR
Region:Middle East
Sub-Unit:1 IRR = 100 dinar

The rial is the currency of Iran although Iranians commonly express the prices of goods in tomans. In 2012, the government launched a foreign exchange centre, that would provide importers of some basic goods with foreign exchanges, at a rate about 2% cheaper than the open market rate on a given day. As of 2013, it remains the world's least valued currency unit.

Historical Exchange Rates For Malagasy Ariary to Iranian Rial

11.4911.6311.7711.9012.0412.18Nov 18Dec 03Dec 18Jan 02Jan 17Feb 01Feb 16Mar 03
120-day exchange rate history for MGA to IRR

Quick Conversions from Malagasy Ariary to Iranian Rial : 1 MGA = 11.92172 IRR

From MGA to IRR
Ar 1 MGA﷼ 11.92 IRR
Ar 5 MGA﷼ 59.61 IRR
Ar 10 MGA﷼ 119.22 IRR
Ar 50 MGA﷼ 596.09 IRR
Ar 100 MGA﷼ 1,192.17 IRR
Ar 250 MGA﷼ 2,980.43 IRR
Ar 500 MGA﷼ 5,960.86 IRR
Ar 1,000 MGA﷼ 11,921.72 IRR
Ar 5,000 MGA﷼ 59,608.61 IRR
Ar 10,000 MGA﷼ 119,217.22 IRR
Ar 50,000 MGA﷼ 596,086.09 IRR
Ar 100,000 MGA﷼ 1,192,172.17 IRR
Ar 500,000 MGA﷼ 5,960,860.86 IRR
Ar 1,000,000 MGA﷼ 11,921,721.72 IRR
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