Convert Moldovan Leu to Vietnamese Dong
(MDL to VND)

1 MDL = 1143.43949 VND

MDL - Moldovan Leu

VND - Vietnamese Dong

VND/MDL = 1143.43949

Exchange Rates :05/29/2017 18:57:08

MDL Moldovan Leu

Useful information relating to the Moldovan Leu currency MDL
Country: Moldova
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 MDL = 100 ban

The leu has been the currency of Moldova since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1993 and is subdivided into 100 bani. The name of the currency originates in Romania and means "lion".

VND Vietnamese Dong

Useful information relating to the Vietnamese Dong currency VND
Country: Vietnam
Region: Asia
Sub-Unit: 1 đồng = 10 hào

The Vietnamese Dong, or đồng, has been the currency of Vietnam since 1978. Issued by the State Bank of Vietnam, it has the symbol ₫ and is subdivided into 10 hào. However, the hào is now worth so little that it is no longer issued. The word đồng refers to Chinese bronze coins which were used as currency during the dynastic periods of China and Vietnam.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Moldovan Leu (MDL) to Vietnamese Dong (VND)

120-day exchange rate history for MDL to VND
120-day exchange rate history for MDL to VND

Exchange rate for converting Moldovan Leu to Vietnamese Dong : 1 MDL = 1143.43949 VND

From MDL to VND
1 MDL₫ 1,143.44 VND
5 MDL₫ 5,717.20 VND
10 MDL₫ 11,434.39 VND
50 MDL₫ 57,171.97 VND
100 MDL₫ 114,343.95 VND
250 MDL₫ 285,859.87 VND
500 MDL₫ 571,719.74 VND
1,000 MDL₫ 1,143,439.49 VND
5,000 MDL₫ 5,717,197.43 VND
10,000 MDL₫ 11,434,394.85 VND
50,000 MDL₫ 57,171,974.26 VND
100,000 MDL₫ 114,343,948.53 VND
500,000 MDL₫ 571,719,742.64 VND
1,000,000 MDL₫ 1,143,439,485.29 VND
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