Convert Moroccan Dirham to Colombian Peso
(MAD to COP)

1 MAD = 332.97538 COP

MAD - Moroccan Dirham

COP - Colombian Peso

COP/MAD = 332.97538

Exchange Rates :12/14/2018 03:47:06

MAD Moroccan Dirham

Useful information relating to the Moroccan Dirham currency MAD
Sub-Unit:1 Dirham = 100 santimat

The Moroccan dirham is the official currency of Morocco. The plural form is pronounced darahim, yet in French and English dirhams is commonly used. It is also the de facto currency in Western Sahara.

COP Colombian Peso

Useful information relating to the Colombian Peso currency COP
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Colombian Peso = 100 centavo

The Colombian peso has been the currency of Colombia since 1837 when it replaced the old Real. Its currency code is COP and it is also informally abbreviated as COL$. However, the official peso symbol is $.

Historical Exchange Rates For Moroccan Dirham to Colombian Peso

311.5318325331338344Aug 16Aug 31Sep 15Sep 30Oct 15Oct 30Nov 14Nov 29
120-day exchange rate history for MAD to COP

Quick Conversions from Moroccan Dirham to Colombian Peso : 1 MAD = 332.97538 COP

From MAD to COP
د.م. 1 MAD$ 332.98 COP
د.م. 5 MAD$ 1,664.88 COP
د.م. 10 MAD$ 3,329.75 COP
د.م. 50 MAD$ 16,648.77 COP
د.م. 100 MAD$ 33,297.54 COP
د.م. 250 MAD$ 83,243.84 COP
د.م. 500 MAD$ 166,487.69 COP
د.م. 1,000 MAD$ 332,975.38 COP
د.م. 5,000 MAD$ 1,664,876.90 COP
د.م. 10,000 MAD$ 3,329,753.79 COP
د.م. 50,000 MAD$ 16,648,768.96 COP
د.م. 100,000 MAD$ 33,297,537.92 COP
د.م. 500,000 MAD$ 166,487,689.62 COP
د.م. 1,000,000 MAD$ 332,975,379.25 COP
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