Convert Moroccan Dirham to Swiss Franc
(MAD to CHF)

1 MAD = 0.09994 CHF

MAD - Moroccan Dirham

CHF - Swiss Franc

CHF/MAD = 0.09994

Exchange Rates :05/22/2017 23:10:23

MAD Moroccan Dirham

Useful information relating to the Moroccan Dirham currency MAD
Country: Morocco
Region: Africa
Sub-Unit: 1 Dirham = 100 santimat
Symbol: د.م.

The Moroccan dirham is the official currency of Morocco. The plural form is pronounced darahim, yet in French and English dirhams is commonly used. It is also the de facto currency in Western Sahara.

CHF Swiss Franc

Useful information relating to the Swiss Franc currency CHF
Country: Switzerland
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 Franc = 100 rappen
Symbol: Fr

The franc is the currency of both Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Its name in the four official languages of Switzerland is Franken (German), franc (French and Rhaeto-Romanic), and franco (Italian).

Exchange Rate History For Converting Moroccan Dirham (MAD) to Swiss Franc (CHF)

120-day exchange rate history for MAD to CHF
120-day exchange rate history for MAD to CHF

Exchange rate for converting Moroccan Dirham to Swiss Franc : 1 MAD = 0.09994 CHF

From MAD to CHF
د.م. 1 MADFr 0.10 CHF
د.م. 5 MADFr 0.50 CHF
د.م. 10 MADFr 1.00 CHF
د.م. 50 MADFr 5.00 CHF
د.م. 100 MADFr 9.99 CHF
د.م. 250 MADFr 24.98 CHF
د.م. 500 MADFr 49.97 CHF
د.م. 1,000 MADFr 99.94 CHF
د.م. 5,000 MADFr 499.68 CHF
د.م. 10,000 MADFr 999.36 CHF
د.م. 50,000 MADFr 4,996.79 CHF
د.م. 100,000 MADFr 9,993.59 CHF
د.م. 500,000 MADFr 49,967.94 CHF
د.م. 1,000,000 MADFr 99,935.87 CHF
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