Convert Lao Kip to West African Franc
(LAK to XOF)

1 LAK = 0.06745 XOF

LAK - Lao Kip

XOF - West African Franc

XOF/LAK = 0.06745

Exchange Rates :01/20/2019 00:00:00

LAK Lao Kip

Useful information relating to the Lao Kip currency LAK
Sub-Unit:1 ₭N = 100 att

The kip is the official currency of Laos but most of the population prefer U.S. dollars and Thai baht. One kip is divided into 100 att (ອັດ). In 2012, the Bank of Laos announced that it is going to issue 100,000 Kip banknotes to encourage Lao people to use the national currency instead of U.S. dollars and Thai baht.

XOF West African Franc *

Useful information relating to the West African Franc currency XOF
Country:West Africa
Sub-Unit:1 CFA = 100 centime
*Pegged: 1 EUR = 655.95700 XOF

The West African CFA franc is the currency of eight independent states spanning over 3,500,000 km2 in West Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Sénégal and Togo. In several central African states, the Central African CFA franc, which is of equal value to the West African CFA franc, is in circulation.

Historical Exchange Rates For Lao Kip to West African Franc

0.06560.06610.06660.06720.06770.0683Sep 22Oct 07Oct 22Nov 06Nov 21Dec 06Dec 21Jan 05
120-day exchange rate history for LAK to XOF

Quick Conversions from Lao Kip to West African Franc : 1 LAK = 0.06745 XOF

From LAK to XOF
₭N 1 LAKCFA 0.07 XOF
₭N 5 LAKCFA 0.34 XOF
₭N 10 LAKCFA 0.67 XOF
₭N 50 LAKCFA 3.37 XOF
₭N 100 LAKCFA 6.75 XOF
₭N 250 LAKCFA 16.86 XOF
₭N 500 LAKCFA 33.73 XOF
₭N 1,000 LAKCFA 67.45 XOF
₭N 5,000 LAKCFA 337.26 XOF
₭N 10,000 LAKCFA 674.52 XOF
₭N 50,000 LAKCFA 3,372.58 XOF
₭N 100,000 LAKCFA 6,745.16 XOF
₭N 500,000 LAKCFA 33,725.79 XOF
₭N 1,000,000 LAKCFA 67,451.58 XOF
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