Convert Lao Kip to Maldivian Rufiyaa
(LAK to MVR)

1 LAK = 0.00185 MVR

LAK - Lao Kip

MVR - Maldivian Rufiyaa

MVR/LAK = 0.00185

Exchange Rates :06/22/2018 01:14:08

LAK Lao Kip

Useful information relating to the Lao Kip currency LAK
Country: Laos
Region: Asia
Sub-Unit: 1 ₭N = 100 att
Symbol: ₭N

The kip is the official currency of Laos but most of the population prefer U.S. dollars and Thai baht. One kip is divided into 100 att (ອັດ). In 2012, the Bank of Laos announced that it is going to issue 100,000 Kip banknotes to encourage Lao people to use the national currency instead of U.S. dollars and Thai baht.

MVR Maldivian Rufiyaa

Useful information relating to the Maldivian Rufiyaa currency MVR
Country: Maldives
Region: Asia
Sub-Unit: 1 Rf = 100 laari
Symbol: Rf

The rufiyaa is the currency of the Maldives and is subdivided into 100 laari. Determining the rate for the US Dollar and the issuance of the currency is controlled by the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA). The most commonly used symbols for the rufiyaa are MRF and Rf despite the international code for Maldivian rufiyaa being MVR. The name "rufiyaa" is derived from the Hindi word rupiyaa.

Historical Exchange Rates For Lao Kip to Maldivian Rufiyaa

Feb 22 Mar 08 Mar 23 Apr 07 Apr 22 May 07 May 22 Jun 06 0.001830 0.001838 0.001846 0.001854 0.001862 0.001870
120-day exchange rate history for LAK to MVR

Quick Conversions from Lao Kip to Maldivian Rufiyaa : 1 LAK = 0.00185 MVR

From LAK to MVR
₭N 1 LAKRf 0.00 MVR
₭N 5 LAKRf 0.01 MVR
₭N 10 LAKRf 0.02 MVR
₭N 50 LAKRf 0.09 MVR
₭N 100 LAKRf 0.18 MVR
₭N 250 LAKRf 0.46 MVR
₭N 500 LAKRf 0.92 MVR
₭N 1,000 LAKRf 1.85 MVR
₭N 5,000 LAKRf 9.23 MVR
₭N 10,000 LAKRf 18.46 MVR
₭N 50,000 LAKRf 92.30 MVR
₭N 100,000 LAKRf 184.59 MVR
₭N 500,000 LAKRf 922.96 MVR
₭N 1,000,000 LAKRf 1,845.92 MVR
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