Convert Kenyan Shilling to Thai Baht
(KES to THB)

1 KES = 0.31520 THB

KES - Kenyan Shilling

THB - Thai Baht

THB/KES = 0.31520

Exchange Rates :03/22/2019 20:59:59

KES Kenyan Shilling

Useful information relating to the Kenyan Shilling currency KES
Sub-Unit:1 Ksh = 100 cents

The Kenyan shilling is the official currency of Kenya and has the symbol KES. It is sub-divided into 100 cents. The Kenyan shilling replaced the East African shilling in 1966 at par.

THB Thai Baht

Useful information relating to the Thai Baht currency THB
Sub-Unit:1 Baht = 100 satang

A baht is also a unit of weight for gold and is commonly used in jewellers and goldsmiths in Thailand. The currency was originally known as the tical and this name was used in the English language text on banknotes until 1925.

Historical Exchange Rates For Kenyan Shilling to Thai Baht

0.31000.31260.31510.3180.3200.323Nov 24Dec 08Dec 23Jan 07Jan 22Feb 06Feb 21Mar 08
120-day exchange rate history for KES to THB

Quick Conversions from Kenyan Shilling to Thai Baht : 1 KES = 0.31520 THB

From KES to THB
KSh 1 KES฿ 0.32 THB
KSh 5 KES฿ 1.58 THB
KSh 10 KES฿ 3.15 THB
KSh 50 KES฿ 15.76 THB
KSh 100 KES฿ 31.52 THB
KSh 250 KES฿ 78.80 THB
KSh 500 KES฿ 157.60 THB
KSh 1,000 KES฿ 315.20 THB
KSh 5,000 KES฿ 1,576.00 THB
KSh 10,000 KES฿ 3,152.00 THB
KSh 50,000 KES฿ 15,760.00 THB
KSh 100,000 KES฿ 31,520.00 THB
KSh 500,000 KES฿ 157,600.00 THB
KSh 1,000,000 KES฿ 315,200.01 THB
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