Convert Jamaican Dollar to Icelandic Krona
(JMD to ISK)

1 JMD = 0.95945 ISK

JMD - Jamaican Dollar

ISK - Icelandic Krona

ISK/JMD = 0.95945

Exchange Rates :12/14/2018 21:17:13

JMD Jamaican Dollar

Useful information relating to the Jamaican Dollar currency JMD
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 JMD = 100 cents

The dollar (JMD) has been the currency of Jamaica since 1969. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign, $, or, alternatively, J$ or JA$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents.

ISK Icelandic Krona

Useful information relating to the Icelandic Krona currency ISK
Sub-Unit:1 krona = 100 aurar

The Icelandic krona (meaning 'crown') separated from the Danish krone after the dissolution of the Scandinavian Monetary Union at the start of World War I and Icelandic autonomy from Denmark in 1918. The first coins were issued in 1922.

Historical Exchange Rates For Jamaican Dollar to Icelandic Krona

0.7810.8240.8670.9100.9530.995Aug 17Sep 01Sep 16Oct 01Oct 16Oct 31Nov 15Nov 30
120-day exchange rate history for JMD to ISK

Quick Conversions from Jamaican Dollar to Icelandic Krona : 1 JMD = 0.95945 ISK

From JMD to ISK
J$ 1 JMDkr 0.96 ISK
J$ 5 JMDkr 4.80 ISK
J$ 10 JMDkr 9.59 ISK
J$ 50 JMDkr 47.97 ISK
J$ 100 JMDkr 95.95 ISK
J$ 250 JMDkr 239.86 ISK
J$ 500 JMDkr 479.73 ISK
J$ 1,000 JMDkr 959.45 ISK
J$ 5,000 JMDkr 4,797.27 ISK
J$ 10,000 JMDkr 9,594.54 ISK
J$ 50,000 JMDkr 47,972.71 ISK
J$ 100,000 JMDkr 95,945.42 ISK
J$ 500,000 JMDkr 479,727.12 ISK
J$ 1,000,000 JMDkr 959,454.23 ISK
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