Convert Icelandic Krona to Colombian Peso
(ISK to COP)

1 ISK = 26.18124 COP

ISK - Icelandic Krona

COP - Colombian Peso

COP/ISK = 26.18124

Exchange Rates :03/22/2019 20:59:59

ISK Icelandic Krona

Useful information relating to the Icelandic Krona currency ISK
Sub-Unit:1 krona = 100 aurar

The Icelandic krona (meaning 'crown') separated from the Danish krone after the dissolution of the Scandinavian Monetary Union at the start of World War I and Icelandic autonomy from Denmark in 1918. The first coins were issued in 1922.

COP Colombian Peso

Useful information relating to the Colombian Peso currency COP
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Colombian Peso = 100 centavo

The Colombian peso has been the currency of Colombia since 1837 when it replaced the old Real. Its currency code is COP and it is also informally abbreviated as COL$. However, the official peso symbol is $.

Historical Exchange Rates For Icelandic Krona to Colombian Peso

25.6026.1326.6627.1927.7228.25Nov 23Dec 08Dec 23Jan 07Jan 22Feb 06Feb 21Mar 08
120-day exchange rate history for ISK to COP

Quick Conversions from Icelandic Krona to Colombian Peso : 1 ISK = 26.18124 COP

From ISK to COP
kr 1 ISK$ 26.18 COP
kr 5 ISK$ 130.91 COP
kr 10 ISK$ 261.81 COP
kr 50 ISK$ 1,309.06 COP
kr 100 ISK$ 2,618.12 COP
kr 250 ISK$ 6,545.31 COP
kr 500 ISK$ 13,090.62 COP
kr 1,000 ISK$ 26,181.24 COP
kr 5,000 ISK$ 130,906.20 COP
kr 10,000 ISK$ 261,812.41 COP
kr 50,000 ISK$ 1,309,062.03 COP
kr 100,000 ISK$ 2,618,124.06 COP
kr 500,000 ISK$ 13,090,620.32 COP
kr 1,000,000 ISK$ 26,181,240.64 COP
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