Convert Indonesian Rupiah to Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
(IDR to BAM)

1 IDR = 0.00012 BAM

IDR - Indonesian Rupiah

BAM - Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark

BAM/IDR = 0.00012

Exchange Rates :05/27/2019 05:55:06

IDR Indonesian Rupiah

Useful information relating to the Indonesian Rupiah currency IDR
Sub-Unit:1 Rp = 100 sen

The rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia and is subdivided into 100 sen. The name derives from the Indian monetary unit rupee which is called as rupiya in Indian languages. Informally, Indonesians also use the word "perak" in referring to rupiah. Inflation has now rendered all coins and banknotes denominated in sen obsolete.

BAM Convertible Mark *

Useful information relating to the Convertible Mark currency BAM
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sub-Unit:1 KM = 100 fening
*Pegged: 1 EUR = 1.95583 BAM

The convertible mark is the currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is divided into 100 fenings and is locally abbreviated to KM. The names derive from German Mark and Pfennig, hence the occasional local spelling of the subdivision as pfeniga. It is pegged to the Euro at a rate of 1 EUR = 1.95583 convertible marks.

Historical Exchange Rates For Indonesian Rupiah to Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark

0.00006000.00008400.00010800.00013200.00015600.0001800Jan 27Feb 11Feb 26Mar 13Mar 28Apr 12Apr 27May 12
120-day exchange rate history for IDR to BAM

Quick Conversions from Indonesian Rupiah to Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark : 1 IDR = 0.00012 BAM

From IDR to BAM
Rp 1 IDRKM 0.00 BAM
Rp 5 IDRKM 0.00 BAM
Rp 10 IDRKM 0.00 BAM
Rp 50 IDRKM 0.01 BAM
Rp 100 IDRKM 0.01 BAM
Rp 250 IDRKM 0.03 BAM
Rp 500 IDRKM 0.06 BAM
Rp 1,000 IDRKM 0.12 BAM
Rp 5,000 IDRKM 0.61 BAM
Rp 10,000 IDRKM 1.21 BAM
Rp 50,000 IDRKM 6.06 BAM
Rp 100,000 IDRKM 12.13 BAM
Rp 500,000 IDRKM 60.63 BAM
Rp 1,000,000 IDRKM 121.26 BAM
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