Convert Guatemalan Quetzal to Cambodian Riel
(GTQ to KHR)

1 GTQ = 521.17309 KHR

GTQ - Guatemalan Quetzal

KHR - Cambodian Riel

KHR/GTQ = 521.17309

Exchange Rates :12/11/2018 21:08:51

GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal

Useful information relating to the Guatemalan Quetzal currency GTQ
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 Q = 100 centavo

The quetzal (locally: keˈtsal) is the currency of Guatemala. It is named after the national bird of Guatemala, the Resplendent Quetzal. In ancient Mayan culture, the quetzal bird's tail feathers were used as currency. It is divided into 100 cents, called centavos in standard Spanish or lenes in Guatemalan slang. The plural can be either quetzales or quetzals.

KHR Cambodian Riel

Useful information relating to the Cambodian Riel currency KHR
Sub-Unit:1 KHR = 100 sen

The riel is the official currency of Cambodia despite most Cambodians preferring the US Dollar which has become the country's most common currency. In rural areas the riel is used for virtually all purchases, but in urban Cambodia and tourist areas the Riel notes are only used for fractional dollar amounts.

Historical Exchange Rates For Guatemalan Quetzal to Cambodian Riel

521526531535540544Aug 13Aug 28Sep 12Sep 27Oct 12Oct 27Nov 11Nov 26
120-day exchange rate history for GTQ to KHR

Quick Conversions from Guatemalan Quetzal to Cambodian Riel : 1 GTQ = 521.17309 KHR

From GTQ to KHR
Q 1 GTQ៛; 521.17 KHR
Q 5 GTQ៛; 2,605.87 KHR
Q 10 GTQ៛; 5,211.73 KHR
Q 50 GTQ៛; 26,058.65 KHR
Q 100 GTQ៛; 52,117.31 KHR
Q 250 GTQ៛; 130,293.27 KHR
Q 500 GTQ៛; 260,586.54 KHR
Q 1,000 GTQ៛; 521,173.09 KHR
Q 5,000 GTQ៛; 2,605,865.45 KHR
Q 10,000 GTQ៛; 5,211,730.89 KHR
Q 50,000 GTQ៛; 26,058,654.47 KHR
Q 100,000 GTQ៛; 52,117,308.94 KHR
Q 500,000 GTQ៛; 260,586,544.70 KHR
Q 1,000,000 GTQ៛; 521,173,089.40 KHR
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