Convert Guatemalan Quetzal to Chinese Yuan
(GTQ to CNY)

1 GTQ = 0.87332 CNY

GTQ - Guatemalan Quetzal

CNY - Chinese Yuan

CNY/GTQ = 0.87332

Exchange Rates :02/15/2019 21:57:28

GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal

Useful information relating to the Guatemalan Quetzal currency GTQ
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 Q = 100 centavo

The quetzal (locally: keˈtsal) is the currency of Guatemala. It is named after the national bird of Guatemala, the Resplendent Quetzal. In ancient Mayan culture, the quetzal bird's tail feathers were used as currency. It is divided into 100 cents, called centavos in standard Spanish or lenes in Guatemalan slang. The plural can be either quetzales or quetzals.

CNY Chinese Yuan

Useful information relating to the Chinese Yuan currency CNY
Sub-Unit:1 Yuan = 10 jiao or 100 fen

A variety of currencies circulated in China during the Republic of China era, most of which were denominated in the unit 'yuan'. In 1948 the People's Bank of China issued a unified currency known as the Renminbi or 'people's currency'. Yuan in Chinese literally means a 'round object' or 'round coin'.

Historical Exchange Rates For Guatemalan Quetzal to Chinese Yuan

0.8680.8750.8830.8900.8980.906Oct 18Nov 02Nov 17Dec 02Dec 17Jan 01Jan 16Jan 31
120-day exchange rate history for GTQ to CNY

Quick Conversions from Guatemalan Quetzal to Chinese Yuan : 1 GTQ = 0.87332 CNY

From GTQ to CNY
Q 1 GTQ¥ 0.87 CNY
Q 5 GTQ¥ 4.37 CNY
Q 10 GTQ¥ 8.73 CNY
Q 50 GTQ¥ 43.67 CNY
Q 100 GTQ¥ 87.33 CNY
Q 250 GTQ¥ 218.33 CNY
Q 500 GTQ¥ 436.66 CNY
Q 1,000 GTQ¥ 873.32 CNY
Q 5,000 GTQ¥ 4,366.60 CNY
Q 10,000 GTQ¥ 8,733.20 CNY
Q 50,000 GTQ¥ 43,666.02 CNY
Q 100,000 GTQ¥ 87,332.03 CNY
Q 500,000 GTQ¥ 436,660.17 CNY
Q 1,000,000 GTQ¥ 873,320.35 CNY
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