Convert Gambian Dalasi to Indonesian Rupiah
(GMD to IDR)

1 GMD = 288.48759 IDR

GMD - Gambian Dalasi

IDR - Indonesian Rupiah

IDR/GMD = 288.48759

Exchange Rates :05/26/2017 20:59:46

GMD Gambian Dalasi

Useful information relating to the Gambian Dalasi currency GMD
Country: Gambia
Region: Africa
Sub-Unit: 1 D = 100 butut
Symbol: D

The dalasi is the currency of the Gambia since 1971, replacing the Gambian pound. It is subdivided into 100 bututs. Banknotes currently in circulation are 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 dalasis.

IDR Indonesian Rupiah

Useful information relating to the Indonesian Rupiah currency IDR
Country: Indonesia
Region: Asia
Sub-Unit: 1 Rp = 100 sen
Symbol: Rp

The rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia and is subdivided into 100 sen. The name derives from the Indian monetary unit rupee which is called as rupiya in Indian languages. Informally, Indonesians also use the word "perak" in referring to rupiah. Inflation has now rendered all coins and banknotes denominated in sen obsolete.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Gambian Dalasi (GMD) to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

120-day exchange rate history for GMD to IDR
120-day exchange rate history for GMD to IDR

Exchange rate for converting Gambian Dalasi to Indonesian Rupiah : 1 GMD = 288.48759 IDR

From GMD to IDR
D 1 GMDRp 288.49 IDR
D 5 GMDRp 1,442.44 IDR
D 10 GMDRp 2,884.88 IDR
D 50 GMDRp 14,424.38 IDR
D 100 GMDRp 28,848.76 IDR
D 250 GMDRp 72,121.90 IDR
D 500 GMDRp 144,243.80 IDR
D 1,000 GMDRp 288,487.59 IDR
D 5,000 GMDRp 1,442,437.95 IDR
D 10,000 GMDRp 2,884,875.90 IDR
D 50,000 GMDRp 14,424,379.51 IDR
D 100,000 GMDRp 28,848,759.03 IDR
D 500,000 GMDRp 144,243,795.13 IDR
D 1,000,000 GMDRp 288,487,590.26 IDR
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