Convert Ghana Cedi to Iranian Rial
(GHS to IRR)

1 GHS = 8537.92485 IRR

GHS - Ghana Cedi

IRR - Iranian Rial

IRR/GHS = 8537.92485

Exchange Rates :01/19/2019 08:03:00

GHS Ghana Cedi

Useful information relating to the Ghana Cedi currency GHS
Sub-Unit:1 GH₵ = 100 pesewa

The cedi is the unit of currency of Ghana. The word cedi is derived from the Akan word for cowry shell which were once used in Ghana as a form of currency. One Ghana cedi is divided into one hundred pesewas (Gp). A number of Ghanaian coins have also been issued in Sika denomination, and may have no legal tender status.

IRR Iranian Rial

Useful information relating to the Iranian Rial currency IRR
Region:Middle East
Sub-Unit:1 IRR = 100 dinar

The rial is the currency of Iran although Iranians commonly express the prices of goods in tomans. In 2012, the government launched a foreign exchange centre, that would provide importers of some basic goods with foreign exchanges, at a rate about 2% cheaper than the open market rate on a given day. As of 2013, it remains the world's least valued currency unit.

Historical Exchange Rates For Ghana Cedi to Iranian Rial

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120-day exchange rate history for GHS to IRR

Quick Conversions from Ghana Cedi to Iranian Rial : 1 GHS = 8537.92485 IRR

From GHS to IRR
GH₵ 1 GHS﷼ 8,537.92 IRR
GH₵ 5 GHS﷼ 42,689.62 IRR
GH₵ 10 GHS﷼ 85,379.25 IRR
GH₵ 50 GHS﷼ 426,896.24 IRR
GH₵ 100 GHS﷼ 853,792.48 IRR
GH₵ 250 GHS﷼ 2,134,481.21 IRR
GH₵ 500 GHS﷼ 4,268,962.42 IRR
GH₵ 1,000 GHS﷼ 8,537,924.85 IRR
GH₵ 5,000 GHS﷼ 42,689,624.23 IRR
GH₵ 10,000 GHS﷼ 85,379,248.47 IRR
GH₵ 50,000 GHS﷼ 426,896,242.34 IRR
GH₵ 100,000 GHS﷼ 853,792,484.67 IRR
GH₵ 500,000 GHS﷼ 4,268,962,423.37 IRR
GH₵ 1,000,000 GHS﷼ 8,537,924,846.74 IRR
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