Convert Fijian Dollar to Chilean Peso
(FJD to CLP)

1 FJD = 324.52590 CLP

FJD - Fijian Dollar

CLP - Chilean Peso

CLP/FJD = 324.52590

Exchange Rates :05/30/2017 07:05:01

FJD Fijian Dollar

Useful information relating to the Fijian Dollar currency FJD
Country: Fiji
Region: Oceania
Sub-Unit: 1 FJ$ = 100 cent
Symbol: FJ$

The dollar has been the currency of Fiji since 1969 and was also the currency between 1867 and 1873. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively FJ$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents.

CLP Chilean Peso

Useful information relating to the Chilean Peso currency CLP
Country: Chile
Region: South America
Sub-Unit: 1 Peso = 100 centavo
Symbol: $

The Chilean peso is subdivided into 100 centavos, although no centavo denominated coins remain in circulation. Colloquial names for some banknotes and coins include luka or luca for the 1000-peso banknote, quina for the 500-peso coin, and gamba for the 100-peso coin.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Fijian Dollar (FJD) to Chilean Peso (CLP)

120-day exchange rate history for FJD to CLP
120-day exchange rate history for FJD to CLP

Exchange rate for converting Fijian Dollar to Chilean Peso : 1 FJD = 324.52590 CLP

From FJD to CLP
FJ$ 1 FJD$ 324.53 CLP
FJ$ 5 FJD$ 1,622.63 CLP
FJ$ 10 FJD$ 3,245.26 CLP
FJ$ 50 FJD$ 16,226.30 CLP
FJ$ 100 FJD$ 32,452.59 CLP
FJ$ 250 FJD$ 81,131.48 CLP
FJ$ 500 FJD$ 162,262.95 CLP
FJ$ 1,000 FJD$ 324,525.90 CLP
FJ$ 5,000 FJD$ 1,622,629.51 CLP
FJ$ 10,000 FJD$ 3,245,259.02 CLP
FJ$ 50,000 FJD$ 16,226,295.10 CLP
FJ$ 100,000 FJD$ 32,452,590.21 CLP
FJ$ 500,000 FJD$ 162,262,951.03 CLP
FJ$ 1,000,000 FJD$ 324,525,902.07 CLP
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