Convert Dominican Peso to Malagasy Ariary
(DOP to MGA)

1 DOP = 71.11793 MGA

DOP - Dominican Peso

MGA - Malagasy Ariary

MGA/DOP = 71.11793

Exchange Rates :02/20/2019 13:30:19

DOP Dominican Peso

Useful information relating to the Dominican Peso currency DOP
Country:Dominican Republic
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 RD$ = 100 centavo

The Dominican peso is the currency of the Dominican Republic. It is the only currency which is legal tender for all monetary transactions, whether public or private, in the Dominican Republic. In 2004 the peso dramatically plummeted but has now reached a more stable rate.

MGA Malagasy Ariary

Useful information relating to the Malagasy Ariary currency MGA
Sub-Unit:1 MGA = 5 iraimbilanja

The ariary has been the official currency of Madagascar since 2005 when it replaced the Franc. It is subdivided into 5 iraimbilanja and is one of only two non-decimal currencies currently circulating. The name ariary derives from the pre-colonial currency, with ariary being the name for a silver dollar.

Historical Exchange Rates For Dominican Peso to Malagasy Ariary

68.569.470.471.372.273.1Oct 23Nov 07Nov 22Dec 07Dec 22Jan 06Jan 21Feb 05
120-day exchange rate history for DOP to MGA

Quick Conversions from Dominican Peso to Malagasy Ariary : 1 DOP = 71.11793 MGA

From DOP to MGA
RD$ 1 DOPAr 71.12 MGA
RD$ 5 DOPAr 355.59 MGA
RD$ 10 DOPAr 711.18 MGA
RD$ 50 DOPAr 3,555.90 MGA
RD$ 100 DOPAr 7,111.79 MGA
RD$ 250 DOPAr 17,779.48 MGA
RD$ 500 DOPAr 35,558.96 MGA
RD$ 1,000 DOPAr 71,117.93 MGA
RD$ 5,000 DOPAr 355,589.64 MGA
RD$ 10,000 DOPAr 711,179.29 MGA
RD$ 50,000 DOPAr 3,555,896.43 MGA
RD$ 100,000 DOPAr 7,111,792.85 MGA
RD$ 500,000 DOPAr 35,558,964.27 MGA
RD$ 1,000,000 DOPAr 71,117,928.54 MGA
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