Convert Swiss Franc to Tunisian Dinar
(CHF to TND)

1 CHF = 2.50385 TND

CHF - Swiss Franc

TND - Tunisian Dinar

TND/CHF = 2.50385

Exchange Rates :05/25/2017 02:39:18

CHF Swiss Franc

Useful information relating to the Swiss Franc currency CHF
Country: Switzerland
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 Franc = 100 rappen
Symbol: Fr

The franc is the currency of both Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Its name in the four official languages of Switzerland is Franken (German), franc (French and Rhaeto-Romanic), and franco (Italian).

TND Tunisian Dinar

Useful information relating to the Tunisian Dinar currency TND
Country: Tunisia
Region: Africa
Sub-Unit: 1 DT = 1000 milim
Symbol: DT

The Tunisian dinar is the official currency of Tunisia and is subdivided into 1000 milim or millimes (مليم). The international code is TND although the abbreviation DT is often used in Tunisia as it is derived from the French 'Dinar Tunisien'.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Swiss Franc (CHF) to Tunisian Dinar (TND)

120-day exchange rate history for CHF to TND
120-day exchange rate history for CHF to TND

Exchange rate for converting Swiss Franc to Tunisian Dinar : 1 CHF = 2.50385 TND

From CHF to TND
Fr 1 CHFDT 2.50 TND
Fr 5 CHFDT 12.52 TND
Fr 10 CHFDT 25.04 TND
Fr 50 CHFDT 125.19 TND
Fr 100 CHFDT 250.38 TND
Fr 250 CHFDT 625.96 TND
Fr 500 CHFDT 1,251.92 TND
Fr 1,000 CHFDT 2,503.85 TND
Fr 5,000 CHFDT 12,519.23 TND
Fr 10,000 CHFDT 25,038.46 TND
Fr 50,000 CHFDT 125,192.28 TND
Fr 100,000 CHFDT 250,384.57 TND
Fr 500,000 CHFDT 1,251,922.85 TND
Fr 1,000,000 CHFDT 2,503,845.70 TND
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