Convert Canadian Dollar to Kenyan Shilling
(CAD to KES)

1 CAD = 76.94630 KES

CAD - Canadian Dollar

KES - Kenyan Shilling

KES/CAD = 76.94630

Exchange Rates :05/25/2017 12:14:25

CAD Canadian Dollar

Useful information relating to the Canadian Dollar currency CAD
Country: Canada
Region: North America
Sub-Unit: 1 Dollar = 100 cents
Symbol: C$

The dollar has been the currency of Canada since 1858. A number of central banks keep Canadian dollars as a reserve currency. It's known locally as a buck or a loonie, with the two-dollar coin known as a toonie.

KES Kenyan Shilling

Useful information relating to the Kenyan Shilling currency KES
Country: Kenya
Region: Africa
Sub-Unit: 1 Ksh = 100 cents
Symbol: KSh

The Kenyan shilling is the official currency of Kenya and has the symbol KES. It is sub-divided into 100 cents. The Kenyan shilling replaced the East African shilling in 1966 at par.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Canadian Dollar (CAD) to Kenyan Shilling (KES)

120-day exchange rate history for CAD to KES
120-day exchange rate history for CAD to KES

Exchange rate for converting Canadian Dollar to Kenyan Shilling : 1 CAD = 76.94630 KES

From CAD to KES
C$ 1 CADKSh 76.95 KES
C$ 5 CADKSh 384.73 KES
C$ 10 CADKSh 769.46 KES
C$ 50 CADKSh 3,847.31 KES
C$ 100 CADKSh 7,694.63 KES
C$ 250 CADKSh 19,236.57 KES
C$ 500 CADKSh 38,473.15 KES
C$ 1,000 CADKSh 76,946.30 KES
C$ 5,000 CADKSh 384,731.49 KES
C$ 10,000 CADKSh 769,462.98 KES
C$ 50,000 CADKSh 3,847,314.89 KES
C$ 100,000 CADKSh 7,694,629.78 KES
C$ 500,000 CADKSh 38,473,148.90 KES
C$ 1,000,000 CADKSh 76,946,297.81 KES
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