Convert Canadian Dollar to Indonesian Rupiah
(CAD to IDR)

1 CAD = 11111.33094 IDR

CAD - Canadian Dollar

IDR - Indonesian Rupiah

IDR/CAD = 11111.33094

Exchange Rates :11/16/2018 21:48:34

CAD Canadian Dollar

Useful information relating to the Canadian Dollar currency CAD
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 Dollar = 100 cents

The dollar has been the currency of Canada since 1858. A number of central banks keep Canadian dollars as a reserve currency. It's known locally as a buck or a loonie, with the two-dollar coin known as a toonie.

IDR Indonesian Rupiah

Useful information relating to the Indonesian Rupiah currency IDR
Sub-Unit:1 Rp = 100 sen

The rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia and is subdivided into 100 sen. The name derives from the Indian monetary unit rupee which is called as rupiya in Indian languages. Informally, Indonesians also use the word "perak" in referring to rupiah. Inflation has now rendered all coins and banknotes denominated in sen obsolete.

Historical Exchange Rates For Canadian Dollar to Indonesian Rupiah

110041115611309114611161411766Jul 20Aug 04Aug 19Sep 03Sep 18Oct 03Oct 18Nov 02
120-day exchange rate history for CAD to IDR

Quick Conversions from Canadian Dollar to Indonesian Rupiah : 1 CAD = 11111.33094 IDR

From CAD to IDR
C$ 1 CADRp 11,111.33 IDR
C$ 5 CADRp 55,556.65 IDR
C$ 10 CADRp 111,113.31 IDR
C$ 50 CADRp 555,566.55 IDR
C$ 100 CADRp 1,111,133.09 IDR
C$ 250 CADRp 2,777,832.73 IDR
C$ 500 CADRp 5,555,665.47 IDR
C$ 1,000 CADRp 11,111,330.94 IDR
C$ 5,000 CADRp 55,556,654.68 IDR
C$ 10,000 CADRp 111,113,309.35 IDR
C$ 50,000 CADRp 555,566,546.76 IDR
C$ 100,000 CADRp 1,111,133,093.53 IDR
C$ 500,000 CADRp 5,555,665,467.63 IDR
C$ 1,000,000 CADRp 11,111,330,935.25 IDR
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