Convert Brazilian Real to Seychellois Rupee
(BRL to SCR)

1 BRL = 3.60288 SCR

BRL - Brazilian Real

SCR - Seychellois Rupee

SCR/BRL = 3.60288

Exchange Rates :11/15/2018 02:46:07

BRL Brazilian Real

Useful information relating to the Brazilian Real currency BRL
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Real = 100 centavo

The real, meaning 'royal, was first introduced by Portugese settlers and became Brazil's official currency in 1690. It was not sub-divided in smaller units. The modern real (plural reais) was introduced on July 1, 1994.

SCR Seychellois Rupee

Useful information relating to the Seychellois Rupee currency SCR
Sub-Unit:1 SR = 100 cents

The Seychellois rupee is the currency of the Seychelles and is subdivided into 100 cents. In the local Seychellois Creole (Seselwa) language, it is called the roupi. The international currency code is SCR although the abbreviations SR and SRe are sometimes used. The currency was freely floated in 2008.

Historical Exchange Rates For Brazilian Real to Seychellois Rupee

3.243.343.443.533.633.73Jul 17Aug 01Aug 16Aug 31Sep 15Sep 30Oct 15Oct 30
120-day exchange rate history for BRL to SCR

Quick Conversions from Brazilian Real to Seychellois Rupee : 1 BRL = 3.60288 SCR

From BRL to SCR
R$ 1 BRLSR 3.60 SCR
R$ 5 BRLSR 18.01 SCR
R$ 10 BRLSR 36.03 SCR
R$ 50 BRLSR 180.14 SCR
R$ 100 BRLSR 360.29 SCR
R$ 250 BRLSR 900.72 SCR
R$ 500 BRLSR 1,801.44 SCR
R$ 1,000 BRLSR 3,602.88 SCR
R$ 5,000 BRLSR 18,014.38 SCR
R$ 10,000 BRLSR 36,028.76 SCR
R$ 50,000 BRLSR 180,143.78 SCR
R$ 100,000 BRLSR 360,287.57 SCR
R$ 500,000 BRLSR 1,801,437.83 SCR
R$ 1,000,000 BRLSR 3,602,875.67 SCR
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