Convert Bolivian Boliviano to Philippine Peso
(BOB to PHP)

1 BOB = 7.65443 PHP

BOB - Bolivian Boliviano

PHP - Philippine Peso

PHP/BOB = 7.65443

Exchange Rates :12/17/2018 16:52:04

BOB Bolivian Boliviano

Useful information relating to the Bolivian Boliviano currency BOB
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Bs = 100 centavo

The boliviano is the currency of Bolivia and is sub-divided into 100 centavos. Boliviano was also the name of the currency of Bolivia between 1864 and 1963 when it was first introduced.

PHP Philippine Peso

Useful information relating to the Philippine Peso currency PHP
Sub-Unit:1 ₱ = 100 centavos

The Philippine peso derived from the Spanish silver coin Real de a Ocho or Spanish dollar, in wide circulation in the Americas and South-East Asia during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Philippine peso was introduced on May 1, 1852.

Historical Exchange Rates For Bolivian Boliviano to Philippine Peso

7.567.627.687.757.817.87Aug 19Sep 03Sep 18Oct 03Oct 18Nov 02Nov 17Dec 02
120-day exchange rate history for BOB to PHP

Quick Conversions from Bolivian Boliviano to Philippine Peso : 1 BOB = 7.65443 PHP

From BOB to PHP
Bs 1 BOB₱ 7.65 PHP
Bs 5 BOB₱ 38.27 PHP
Bs 10 BOB₱ 76.54 PHP
Bs 50 BOB₱ 382.72 PHP
Bs 100 BOB₱ 765.44 PHP
Bs 250 BOB₱ 1,913.61 PHP
Bs 500 BOB₱ 3,827.21 PHP
Bs 1,000 BOB₱ 7,654.43 PHP
Bs 5,000 BOB₱ 38,272.14 PHP
Bs 10,000 BOB₱ 76,544.28 PHP
Bs 50,000 BOB₱ 382,721.42 PHP
Bs 100,000 BOB₱ 765,442.83 PHP
Bs 500,000 BOB₱ 3,827,214.15 PHP
Bs 1,000,000 BOB₱ 7,654,428.30 PHP
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