Convert Bolivian Boliviano to Namibian Dollar
(BOB to NAD)

1 BOB = 2.07064 NAD

BOB - Bolivian Boliviano

NAD - Namibian Dollar

NAD/BOB = 2.07064

Exchange Rates :12/10/2018 13:04:53

BOB Bolivian Boliviano

Useful information relating to the Bolivian Boliviano currency BOB
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Bs = 100 centavo

The boliviano is the currency of Bolivia and is sub-divided into 100 centavos. Boliviano was also the name of the currency of Bolivia between 1864 and 1963 when it was first introduced.

NAD Namibian Dollar *

Useful information relating to the Namibian Dollar currency NAD
Sub-Unit:1 N$ = 100 cents
*Pegged: 1 ZAR = 1.00000 NAD

The Namibian dollar replaced the South African rand, which had been the country's currency while it was under South African rule as South-West Africa 1920-1990. The rand is still legal tender, as the Namibian dollar is linked to the South African rand and can be exchanged on a one-to-one basis locally.

Historical Exchange Rates For Bolivian Boliviano to Namibian Dollar

1.9742.0242.0742.1242.1742.224Aug 12Aug 27Sep 11Sep 26Oct 11Oct 26Nov 10Nov 25
120-day exchange rate history for BOB to NAD

Quick Conversions from Bolivian Boliviano to Namibian Dollar : 1 BOB = 2.07064 NAD

From BOB to NAD
Bs 1 BOBN$ 2.07 NAD
Bs 5 BOBN$ 10.35 NAD
Bs 10 BOBN$ 20.71 NAD
Bs 50 BOBN$ 103.53 NAD
Bs 100 BOBN$ 207.06 NAD
Bs 250 BOBN$ 517.66 NAD
Bs 500 BOBN$ 1,035.32 NAD
Bs 1,000 BOBN$ 2,070.64 NAD
Bs 5,000 BOBN$ 10,353.22 NAD
Bs 10,000 BOBN$ 20,706.44 NAD
Bs 50,000 BOBN$ 103,532.18 NAD
Bs 100,000 BOBN$ 207,064.35 NAD
Bs 500,000 BOBN$ 1,035,321.75 NAD
Bs 1,000,000 BOBN$ 2,070,643.50 NAD
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