Convert Bolivian Boliviano to Malagasy Ariary
(BOB to MGA)

1 BOB = 527.38258 MGA

BOB - Bolivian Boliviano

MGA - Malagasy Ariary

MGA/BOB = 527.38258

Exchange Rates :01/22/2019 10:25:50

BOB Bolivian Boliviano

Useful information relating to the Bolivian Boliviano currency BOB
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Bs = 100 centavo

The boliviano is the currency of Bolivia and is sub-divided into 100 centavos. Boliviano was also the name of the currency of Bolivia between 1864 and 1963 when it was first introduced.

MGA Malagasy Ariary

Useful information relating to the Malagasy Ariary currency MGA
Sub-Unit:1 MGA = 5 iraimbilanja

The ariary has been the official currency of Madagascar since 2005 when it replaced the Franc. It is subdivided into 5 iraimbilanja and is one of only two non-decimal currencies currently circulating. The name ariary derives from the pre-colonial currency, with ariary being the name for a silver dollar.

Historical Exchange Rates For Bolivian Boliviano to Malagasy Ariary

492499507514522529Sep 24Oct 09Oct 24Nov 08Nov 23Dec 08Dec 23Jan 07
120-day exchange rate history for BOB to MGA

Quick Conversions from Bolivian Boliviano to Malagasy Ariary : 1 BOB = 527.38258 MGA

From BOB to MGA
Bs 1 BOBAr 527.38 MGA
Bs 5 BOBAr 2,636.91 MGA
Bs 10 BOBAr 5,273.83 MGA
Bs 50 BOBAr 26,369.13 MGA
Bs 100 BOBAr 52,738.26 MGA
Bs 250 BOBAr 131,845.64 MGA
Bs 500 BOBAr 263,691.29 MGA
Bs 1,000 BOBAr 527,382.58 MGA
Bs 5,000 BOBAr 2,636,912.90 MGA
Bs 10,000 BOBAr 5,273,825.80 MGA
Bs 50,000 BOBAr 26,369,128.98 MGA
Bs 100,000 BOBAr 52,738,257.95 MGA
Bs 500,000 BOBAr 263,691,289.76 MGA
Bs 1,000,000 BOBAr 527,382,579.52 MGA
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