Convert Bermudian Dollar to Ukraine Hryvnia
(BMD to UAH)

1 BMD = 27.72158 UAH

BMD - Bermudian Dollar

UAH - Ukraine Hryvnia

UAH/BMD = 27.72158

Exchange Rates :12/14/2018 21:40:06

BMD Bermudian Dollar *

Useful information relating to the Bermudian Dollar currency BMD
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 BD$ = 100 cent
*Pegged: 1 USD = 1.00000 BMD

The dollar is the currency of Bermuda and is sub-divided into 100 cents. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $ or, alternatively, BD$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. The Bermudian dollar is not normally traded outside of Bermuda. It is pegged to the US Dollar at par.

UAH Ukraine Hryvnia

Useful information relating to the Ukraine Hryvnia currency UAH
Sub-Unit:1 Hryvnia = 100 kopiyka

The Ukranian hryvnia, sometimes hryvnya or grivna, has been the national currency of Ukraine since 1996. The hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopiyok. The hryvnia sign is a cursive Ukrainian letter Ge (₴) with a double horizontal stroke, symbolizing stability.

Historical Exchange Rates For Bermudian Dollar to Ukraine Hryvnia

27.5727.7427.9128.0928.2628.43Aug 17Sep 01Sep 16Oct 01Oct 16Oct 31Nov 15Nov 30
120-day exchange rate history for BMD to UAH

Quick Conversions from Bermudian Dollar to Ukraine Hryvnia : 1 BMD = 27.72158 UAH

From BMD to UAH
BD$ 1 BMD₴ 27.72 UAH
BD$ 5 BMD₴ 138.61 UAH
BD$ 10 BMD₴ 277.22 UAH
BD$ 50 BMD₴ 1,386.08 UAH
BD$ 100 BMD₴ 2,772.16 UAH
BD$ 250 BMD₴ 6,930.39 UAH
BD$ 500 BMD₴ 13,860.79 UAH
BD$ 1,000 BMD₴ 27,721.58 UAH
BD$ 5,000 BMD₴ 138,607.89 UAH
BD$ 10,000 BMD₴ 277,215.78 UAH
BD$ 50,000 BMD₴ 1,386,078.90 UAH
BD$ 100,000 BMD₴ 2,772,157.80 UAH
BD$ 500,000 BMD₴ 13,860,789.00 UAH
BD$ 1,000,000 BMD₴ 27,721,577.99 UAH
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