Convert Argentine Peso to Russian Rouble
(ARS to RUB)

1 ARS = 1.66890 RUB

ARS - Argentine Peso

RUB - Russian Rouble

RUB/ARS = 1.66890

Exchange Rates :02/22/2019 21:51:21

ARS Argentine Peso

Useful information relating to the Argentine Peso currency ARS
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Peso = 100 centavo

The Argentine peso was originally established as the nuevo peso argentino or peso convertible, and the symbol used locally for it is $. To avoid confusion, Argentines frequently use US$, U$, U$S, or U$A to indicate U.S. dollars.

RUB Russian Rouble

Useful information relating to the Russian Rouble currency RUB
Sub-Unit:1 Rouble = 100 kopek

The ruble or rouble is the currency of the Russian Federation and the two self-proclaimed republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Formerly, the ruble was also the currency of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire prior to their breakups. Currently there is no official symbol for the ruble.

Historical Exchange Rates For Argentine Peso to Russian Rouble

1.6561.7091.7621.8151.8681.921Oct 27Nov 11Nov 26Dec 11Dec 26Jan 10Jan 25Feb 09
120-day exchange rate history for ARS to RUB

Quick Conversions from Argentine Peso to Russian Rouble : 1 ARS = 1.66890 RUB

From ARS to RUB
$a 1 ARSруб 1.67 RUB
$a 5 ARSруб 8.34 RUB
$a 10 ARSруб 16.69 RUB
$a 50 ARSруб 83.44 RUB
$a 100 ARSруб 166.89 RUB
$a 250 ARSруб 417.22 RUB
$a 500 ARSруб 834.45 RUB
$a 1,000 ARSруб 1,668.90 RUB
$a 5,000 ARSруб 8,344.49 RUB
$a 10,000 ARSруб 16,688.99 RUB
$a 50,000 ARSруб 83,444.94 RUB
$a 100,000 ARSруб 166,889.88 RUB
$a 500,000 ARSруб 834,449.39 RUB
$a 1,000,000 ARSруб 1,668,898.78 RUB
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