Convert Argentine Peso to Romanian Leu
(ARS to RON)

1 ARS = 0.25472 RON

ARS - Argentine Peso

RON - Romanian Leu

RON/ARS = 0.25472

Exchange Rates :05/26/2017 20:59:56

ARS Argentine Peso

Useful information relating to the Argentine Peso currency ARS
Country: Argentina
Region: South America
Sub-Unit: 1 Peso = 100 centavo
Symbol: $a

The Argentine peso was originally established as the nuevo peso argentino or peso convertible, and the symbol used locally for it is $. To avoid confusion, Argentines frequently use US$, U$, U$S, or U$A to indicate U.S. dollars.

RON Romanian Leu

Useful information relating to the Romanian Leu currency RON
Country: Romania
Region: Europe
Sub-Unit: 1 LEU = 100 bani
Symbol: LEU

In 2005, Romania underwent a currency reform, switching from the previous leu (ROL) to a new leu (RON). 1 RON is equal to 10,000 ROL. Romania joined the European Union on 1 January 2007 and it is expected to adopt the euro in the future.

Exchange Rate History For Converting Argentine Peso (ARS) to Romanian Leu (RON)

120-day exchange rate history for ARS to RON
120-day exchange rate history for ARS to RON

Exchange rate for converting Argentine Peso to Romanian Leu : 1 ARS = 0.25472 RON

From ARS to RON
$a 1 ARSLEU 0.25 RON
$a 5 ARSLEU 1.27 RON
$a 10 ARSLEU 2.55 RON
$a 50 ARSLEU 12.74 RON
$a 100 ARSLEU 25.47 RON
$a 250 ARSLEU 63.68 RON
$a 500 ARSLEU 127.36 RON
$a 1,000 ARSLEU 254.72 RON
$a 5,000 ARSLEU 1,273.59 RON
$a 10,000 ARSLEU 2,547.17 RON
$a 50,000 ARSLEU 12,735.85 RON
$a 100,000 ARSLEU 25,471.71 RON
$a 500,000 ARSLEU 127,358.54 RON
$a 1,000,000 ARSLEU 254,717.08 RON
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